Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What is a Democrat?

Greta blogged Let’s see…[A Democrat]

  • likes big government and will manage things like say, future disasters from a federal and not state run stance
    That is only true for Democratics in Washington. Democrats in Louisiana, including Mary Landrieu, want everything to happen under state control, even if the Governor is herself a disaster, and they just see the Federal Government as a sugar daddy that is supposed to send them $250 Billion to spend anyway they want it, just because they ask.
  • is pro- choice, pro - every social service
    But they are Anti-Choice when it comes to allowing a parent to CHOOSE what school to send their child to, and who just want that part of tax money the government would have paid to educate their child, to go to the school of their choice. They are Anti-Choice if someone feels the police are not doing a good enough job of protecting him, and he CHOOSES to want a gun to defend his home. They are Anti-Choice when a taxpayer wants his taxes cut, because he wants to CHOOSE where to spend his money, including CHOOSING which needy causes to donate his money too.
  • spends tons of money on socially responsible programs
    I agree they want to spend money on "social programs", but I disagree they are "socially RESPONSIBLE programs.
    and is fiscally irresponsible
I voted for this President twice and am sure Kerry would have ROYALLY screwed things up 100 fold (I loathe him). But, right now I am completely disillusioned with this adminstration that is supposed to be Conservative. Republicans better come up with a strategy that isn’t wishy washy and leans toward the public opinion. Bush still has my utmost respect, but my true following in him is wavering.
I still trust Bush, but he needs to find his veto pen. There are a lot of Republicans in the legislator trying to see if they can spend more than the Democrats. At least they are spending the money on one-time things, rather than entitlements (other than the Prescription Drug Bill), but it is still spending.
We also assume that as the leader, he will only have the best by his side and most likely those that agree with his policies and moral values. I am not sure about that anymore either. Personally, I am pro-choice and lean more toward libertarian, so this candidate actually pleases me more than Roberts. The Supreme Court SCARES me completely as a governing body to begin with.
I am pro-life, but I absolutely agree with you about USSC. The Supreme Court should NEVER legislate. If a Justice wants to make law, he should resign from the bench, and run for the Legislature. That is their job.
Republicans and this adminstration NEED TO GET THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES if they want to remain in power. Being at war is bad enough for any President, but this administration is quickly sinking down the toilet and better come out fighting and show this Country what true Republican Conservatives are. As for polls, I could give a rats ass about them, but statistics over time can show the overall opinion of the American People and our co-habitating illegal immigrants!

Don’t make me come to the White House and give you the swat on the face with the “wake up, wake up” scream!

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