Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oklahoma did pretty good

According to WSJ Oklahoma was sixth in states with an increase in GDP with 2.7%, beeten only by North Dakota with 7.3%, Wyoming with 4.4%, South Dakota with 3.5%, District of Columbia with 3.0% (all of those extra government jobs our children and grandchildren will be paying for), and Colorado with 2.9%. We were fourth in job GAINS 1.2%, beaten only by Wyoming with 3.1%, North Dakota with 1.7%, and Alaska with 1.5%. Our Housing Prices fell 1.7% compared to Nevada's drop of 28.2%, California's drop of 25.5, Florida's drop of 24.0%, and Arizona's drop of 20.6%. Eleven states did better than Oklahoma. Kansas, Kentucky, New Mexico, Iowa, and West Virginia had smaller losses in Housing Prices, and South Dakota, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, Wyoming, and North Dakota even saw an increase in Housing Prices (North Dakota was highest at 1.9%).