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“Christian Street” Erupts Over Verhoeven Jesus Book

Conservative Intelligencer penned a very good sarcastic story A fifth day of rioting and bombings rocked North America and Europe as the Christian community reacted to news of a controversial biography of Jesus Christ. While public officials have appealed for calm, Christian rage seemed only to escalate yesterday as Pope Benedict issued a papal bull calling for the beheading of the book’s author, Paul Verhoeven. Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian “charity”, has announced a $3.2 million reward for anyone fulfilling the papal bull.

I particularly liked the photoshopped "Salvation Army Martyrs Brigade"

I wonder if any of the Muslim groups will be so stupid as to think it was real?


Democrats to choose ‘by end of June’

FT reported The Democratic party’s “superdelegates” have every right to overturn the popular vote and choose the candidate they believe would be best equipped to defeat John McCain in a general election, according to Howard Dean, chairman of the US Democratic National Committee.
But if they do, he wants them to do it before the convention, so the reaction to the vote will not dominate the television coverage.
Mr Dean, who was a presidential candidate in 2004 and is a former governor of Vermont, spoke to the Financial Times just two days after Hillary Clinton put her campaign back in contention with a near double-digit margin of victory over Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary. He said there was nothing in the DNC’s rules that would prevent the party’s unelected superdelegates, who make up about a fifth of the overall delegate tally and who will ultimately pick the winner, from “doing what they want”.
But what he forgets is that even if they pick a winner by the end of June, the other side can do everything they can to tear down that choice, in the hope that some of them will change their votes before the convention, and if they do, and if the convention elects someone other than the "end of June" choice, things will really explode at the convention.


Friday, April 25, 2008

2008 Election from a Male perspective

A friend just sent me this:

On one side, you have a bitch who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer running against a lawyer who is married to a bitch who is a lawyer.

On the other side, you have a war hero married to a good looking woman with big tits who owns a beer distributorship.

Is there a contest here?


ElBaradei slams Israel

Jerusalem Post reported The head of the UN nuclear monitoring agency on Friday criticized the US for not giving his organization intelligence information sooner on what Washington says was a nuclear reactor in Syria being built secretly by North Korea.
If he had been told, he could have warned Syria that we knew, and they could have increased their defense of the area.
IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei also chastised Israel for bombing the site seven months ago,
What nerve. These "apes and pigs" attacked a Muslim facility, and flattened it.
in a statement whose strong language reflected his anger at being kept out of the picture for so long.... "the director general views the unilateral use of force by Israel as undermining the due process of verification that is at the heart of the nonproliferation regime," it said.
The nonproliferation regime clearly failed. And if Syria and North Korea were following the nonproliferation regime, they would have told you about the facility, and you would be inspecting it and making sure it was only for peaceful purposes.
Gateway Pundit blogged The fact that Elbaradei was not told about the nuke plant shows the amount of trust the US and Israel have in the UN's nuclear monitoring agency.


Fair Is Fair

Geoff Garin (strategist for Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign) said on So let me get this straight. On the one hand, it's perfectly decent for Obama to argue that only he has the virtue to bring change to Washington and that Clinton lacks the character and the commitment to do so. On the other hand, we are somehow hitting below the belt when we say that Clinton is the candidate best able to withstand the pressures of the presidency and do what's right for the American people, while leaving the decisions about Obama's preparedness to the voters. Who made up those rules? And who would ever think they are fair?

Every campaign thinks anything it does is fair, and anything that the opposition campaign does to it, is unfair, especially if it works. And all you can do is whine about it to the news medias supporting your campaign, and hope they will badmouth it enough your opponent will have to stop doing it.


Jeremiah Wright

Bill Moyers Journal More than 3,000 news stories have been penned since early April about Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama.

And Obama needs this brought up again about as much as he needs a hole in the head, but PBS decided to do an entire show on Wright.
But behind the five second loop is a man who has preached three different sermons nearly every Sunday since 1972.
I think we have seen excerpts from all three. Isn't it amazing that Obama was there for twenty years and never heard any of it.
In his interview on Bill Moyers Journal, Reverend Wright discusses what drew him to the pulpit and the recent controversy

ABC News responds to Jeremiah Wright’s allegation that his words were taken out of context … by providing the context. And guess what? The context makes it look just as bad:

From "The Day of Jerusalem's Fall" 9/16/2001
We took this country by terror, away from the Sioux, the Apache, the Arowak, the Comanche, the Arapahoe, the Navajo.
No we took it by conquest. That is not the same as terrorism.
Terrorism. We took Africans from their country
We did not enslave them. That was done by either other blacks or Arabs that enslave them and then sold them to the people on the slave ships. We just transported them back to this country. Keeping them in slavery was bd, but Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed them.
to build our way of ease and kept them enslaved and living in fear. Terrorism. We bombed Granada and killed innocent civilians, babies, non-military personnel.
We never intentionally target civilians.
We bombed the black civilian community of Panama with stealth bombers and killed unarmed teenagers and toddlers, pregnant mothers, and hardworking fathers. We bombed Qaddafi's home and killed his child.
We were targeting Qaddafi.
Blessed are they who bash your children's head against a rock. We bombed Iraq. We killed unarmed civilians trying to make a living. We bombed a plant in Sudan to payback for the attack on our embassy, killed hundreds of hardworking people, mothers and fathers who left home to go that day not knowing that they would never get back home. We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye.
And by ending WWII quickly save millions of deaths on both sides that would have been necessary otherwise.
Kids playing in the playground, mothers picking up children from school, civilians, not soldiers, people just trying to make it day by day.

We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians
It is the Palestinians doing the terrorism with suicide bombers and rockets. Israel just wants to live n peace.
and Black South Africans
Oppression perhaps, but not terrorism.
and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America's chickens are coming home to roost.

From "Confusing God and Government" 4/13/03

the United States of America government, when it came to treating her citizens of Indian descent fairly, she failed. She put them on reservations.
True, but we have tried to help them more recently.
When it came to treating her citizens of Japanese decent fairly, she failed. She put them in internment prison camps.
Only during the war that we entered when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.
When it came to treating her citizens of African descent fairly, America failed. The government put them in chains.
The government may have allowed slavery, but that is not the same thing as it controlling slavery.
She put them on slave quarters, put them on auction blocks, put them in cotton fields, put them in inferior schools, put them in sub-standard housing, put them in scientific experiments, put them in the lowest paying jobs, put them outside the equal protection of the law, kept them out of their racist bastions of higher education, and locked them into positions of hopelessness and helplessness.
All that may have happened in the past, but if you are aware of any institutional racism now, let me know.
The government gives them the drugs,
The government tries to stop drugs, it does not provide them.
builds bigger prisons, passes a three strike law,
The three strikes law only applies to people that commit three different crimes (if you don't do the crime, you don't have to do the time), and people keep committing crimes, which is why we need bigger prisons.
and then wants us to sing God Bless America. no, no, no Not God bless America, God damn America. That's in the Bible,
What verse?
for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating her citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme. The United States government has failed the vast majority of her citizens of African descent. Think about this, think about this.

For every one Oprah, a billionaire, you've got 5 million blacks who out of work.
Should we take Oprah's money away from her and give it to those 5 million blacks? Each would get a few thousand dollars. What would they do with it, to improve their position in life.
For every one Colin Powell, a millionaire, you've got 10 million blacks who cannot read.
That is because they attend public schools. We need more voucher programs to let them go to private schools where they can get a good education.
For every one Condoskeeza Rice, you've got 1 million in prison.
Most, if not all, of whom are there because they broke the law.
For every one Tiger Woods, who needs to get beat,
By a white guy, or another black? Or maybe a brown, red, r yellow guy?
at the Masters, with his cap, blazin' hips playing on a course that discriminates against women. God has his way of bringing you up short when you get to big for your cap, blazin britches. For every one Tiger Woods, we got 10,000 black kids who will never see a golf course.
And a larger number of white kids will never see a golf course. But all of them have a chance to work hard and excel wherever their skills lead them,
The United States government has failed the vast majority of her citizens of African descent.

Ed Morrissey blogged In other words, we had it coming. We have no right to complain about terrorism when America is apparently the greatest terrorist state in history. Do you notice whom Wright never blames? The actual terrorists who had just murdered 3,000 of his countrymen. And talking about context, notice that Wright never provides any context for the actions against Japan, Libya, Panama, and Granada. In his speech, we just up and decided one day to murder Qaddafi’s child.

The government gives blacks drugs? This is the conspiracy theory that the Reagan administration’s CIA acted to flood American cities with crack cocaine so that the wave of violence it inspired would give the government an excuse to imprison black men. Somehow in that same thought, the government has conspired to keep black kids from golf courses. While it’s mostly true about illiteracy — in 2003, it would have been closer to 7 million than 10 million — Hispanics had a far higher illiteracy rate (44% to 23%) and illiterate whites were double the number of illiterate blacks (over 14 million).

Wright is a conspiracist, a demagogue, and at heart someone who doesn’t much like America. Like William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, he spends his venom on the US and embraces dictators like Fidel Castro and terrorists like Hamas, whose screeds he publishes in Trinity’s weekly newsletters. Far from absolving Obama, the context once again forces Obama to answer for the company he keeps.

DRJ blogged Wright’s theme is apparently that he is being victimized, presumably by a right-wing conspiracy that wants to take down Barack Obama. It worked for Bill and Hillary. Why shouldn’t it work for Barack and Jeremiah?

Pete Abel blogged I’m anxious to see and hear the Rev. Wright in a more complete (and secular) context.

Gateway Pundit blogged Wright did not say if his racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American words in the church newsletters were taken out of context, too, or not

Taylor Marsh blogged Having Reverend Wright whining that it's all our fault is only going to hurt Barack Obama further. ABC attempts to bring Wright "beyond the bite," to offer context. Here it is: "Rev. Wright preaches on the alleged "racist" nature of the U.S. government." Swell. So fire it up, baby. Reverend Wright's greatest hits all over again. People will once again play the tapes and re-argue a point that the less informed and more naive, which obviously included Obama's fans, thought had been put to rest after Obama's speech... According to the Times, Wright also says the following a couple of times about Obama: "...he goes out as a politician and says what he has to say as a politician. ... .. And he says what he has to say as a politician. ... .." There aren't enough words to describe the problem with this characterization about Obama's words versus his actual intentions, according to Rev. Wright. See the superdelegates sweat.

Uppity Woman blogged That’s right folks. We twisted his words. It’s all your fault. And it’s Hillary’s fault he said what he said too. He didn’t really say what he said. You twisted it! You twisted his twisted words. It’s really nice stuff, not bad stuff. You just are too stupid to understand Black Liberation Theology, dammit. No I mean GODDAMMIT. How could you twist all that loving stuff? You are despicable! Cut it out! All you goddamn Americans should apologize to Reverend Wright right now!


Palestinians Criticize Plans for Trip

New York Times reported As he prepares for his second trip this year to the Middle East, President Bush is facing mounting criticism from some Palestinians who are upset that he will go to Israel for its 60th birthday celebration without marking the flip side of that event: the flight of Palestinians from their homes.

Let us discuss the flight of Palestinians from their homes. Of the Arabs that lived there

  • Some decided to stay in a Jewish country, and they have more freedom today than any Arabs living in the Middle East.
  • Some were encouraged to leave temporarily by Arab armies planning to attack Israel. Those armies promised they could take over the Jewish property once the war was over, and the Arabs lost the war, and were not willing to resettle the Arabs in their countries
  • Most of the land taken by the Jews was purchased from the previous residents
  • Some may have felt they had to leave, but the other Arab countries refused to resettle them, while Jews forced out of all of the Arab countries were welcomed into Israel, which resettled them
. But I suspect tht is not the full discussions the Palestinians wanted to hear.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Intervene in nomination Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday that he may have to push undecided superdelegates to make their decisions in the Democratic presidential race, if the contest stretches into June. Reid said he would consider writing a joint letter with Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) demanding that superdelegates make their endorsements public.
What good does that do. Suppose they come out for Obama, and he stumbles before the convention. They can still change their minds at the convention. And who do think will be trying to trip him up? Right, Hillary will never quit trying.
“The three of us, we may write a joint letter [to superdelegates],” said Reid. “We might do individual letters. We are in contact with each other.”


Wright Says His Words Were Twisted

The Caucus reported In his first wide-ranging interview since video clips of his inflammatory sermons were aired, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. defended himself over the controversy, saying that his words were twisted.
Untwist them. What does God Damn America mean when you untwist it?
Mr. Wright, Senator Barack Obama’s former pastor, gave an interview to Bill Moyers on Wednesday, to air on PBS tomorrow. “I felt it was unfair,” Mr. Wright said, according to excerpts of the interview released Thursday. “I felt it was unjust. I felt it was untrue.
They did not say you said xxx, they showed you saying it.
I felt for those who were doing that, were doing it for some very devious reasons.”
It is called The Truth, which may be devious for you.
... “It’s to paint me as something — ‘Something’s wrong with me.
You are a racist.
There’s nothing wrong with this country … for its policies. We’re perfect. Our hands are free. Our hands have no blood on them,’” he said. “That’s not a failure to communicate. The message that is being communicated by the sound bites is exactly what those pushing those sound bites want to communicate.” When asked what the people who aired the clips “wanted to communicate,” Mr. Wright said, “I think they wanted to communicate that I am unpatriotic,
Explain God Damn America.
that I am un-American,
Explain US of KKK A
that I am filled with hate speech,
That is obvious.
that I have a cult at Trinity United Church of Christ. And by the way, guess who goes to his church, hint, hint, hint? That’s what they wanted to communicate.”


Dems hedge on healthcare

TheHill reported Congressional Democrats are backing away from healthcare reform promises made by their two presidential candidates, saying that even if their party controls the White House and Congress, sweeping change will be difficult.
Don't worry. Obama and Clinton are just promising that to get elected. They have no intention of doing it.
It is still seven months before Election Day, but already senior Democrats are maneuvering to lower public expectations on the key policy issue.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary leads in Popular Vote, if FL, and MI are included

Democratic Vote Count shows Hillary leads in Popular Vote, if FL, and MI are included.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food Rationing

The New York Sun reports Many parts of America, long considered the breadbasket of the world, are now confronting a once unthinkable phenomenon: food rationing.
And overseas there is rioting in many countries. What do you expect when you start taking major parts of your food supply and turn it into fuel, rather than drilling for oil in Anwar and off shore in the Pacific and the Gulf. Convert corn to ethanol, the price of corn goes up because of the shortage, that raises the price of meat, etc.
Major retailers in New York, in areas of New England, and on the West Coast are limiting purchases of flour, rice, and cooking oil as demand outstrips supply. There are also anecdotal reports that some consumers are hoarding grain stocks.

Gaius blogged What you have right now are the seeds of a panic being sown. This can be seen on a smaller scale when a bad winter storm is predicted and locals strip the store shelves of bread and milk. But when it is on a global scale, everything is suddenly in short supply as people begin to panic and hoard all they can afford to buy - making the situation even worse. Short supplies rapidly become no supplies. If the US does put on export controls, all hell is going to bust loose on world markets.

Bob McCarty blogged I began researching the issues of food supplies and shortages further. While I found several articles offering glimpses into the growing worldwide food crisis, only one pointed to the root cause: The myth of man-made global warming.


Dream Ticket

New York Times reported Imagine President Barack Obama is preparing his first State of the Union message. Would he want Vice President Hillary Rodham Clinton tut-tutting with edits or suggesting how she could write it better? Would he want to hear Second Spouse Bill Clinton wax on and on about favorite lines from his own speeches? Alternatively, would the poll-obsessed Clintons want to wake up in the White House residence in 2009 and read about Vice President Obama’s sky-high popularity ratings, and how they make her look like his stern old lady?
The answer to both questions is no.
For months, the Clinton and Obama campaigns have been hearing suggestions of a so-called dream ticket
Or more of a nightmare.
of Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama. Former Gov. Mario M. Cuomo of New York has pressed the idea most aggressively — it also came up in last week’s debate — while a major Clinton supporter in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary, Gov. Edward G. Rendell, has blessed it, too. And some uncommitted superdelegates — the party leaders and elected officials whose votes may determine the nominee — see such a unity ticket as a way to short-circuit a fight for the nomination all the way to the Democratic convention in August, and to blend the voter bases of the two candidates.
That is because they picked two bad candidates, and one appeals to half of the party, and the other to the other half.
“It would be great to see them on the same ticket — they had attracted so many new voters and so much excitement, it seems so obvious,” said Sam Spencer, an uncommitted superdelegate from Maine. “Hillary would be the L.B.J. of 1960 — both served longer and had more experience, and L.B.J. was willing to take the vice presidency. And Obama would only come into his own more as vice president.”

All that stands in the way are a few pesky details — like the fact that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton want to be done with each other, starting now. And that Mr. Clinton bitterly believes that the Obama camp has portrayed him as a brutish, race-baiting campaigner, according to two associates of Mr. Clinton. On top of that, Obama aides assert, Mrs. Clinton’s baggage would damage Mr. Obama’s image in a New York minute. And they also believe that the Clinton camp’s negative tone seems a poor match for Mr. Hope.
The Con Man and the Power Hungry Bitch do not make a happy couple.


Obama's Waffle Controversy

TalkLeft reported Barack Obama got cranky with a reporter today when asked a question at a diner about Jimmy Carter meeting with Hamas.
As Sen. Hillary Clinton was preparing to campaign here today, Sen. Barack Obama was meeting with voters at a diner and apparently pretty hungry. "Why can't I just eat my waffle?" he said, when asked a foreign policy question by a reporter at the Glider Diner.
What's the big deal? Why is this news? Because, as Jay Newton-Small at Time's Swampland explains, Obama hasn't given a press conference in 10 days
Just wait until the Fall when he stiffs the press, and McCain keeps up his policy of being open to the press. The press will turn on Obama, and he won't know what to do.
and the reporters had no other opportunity to ask him.

You can even go to EBay and bid on the plate, with the uneaten part of the waffle and sausage. Proceeds go to Hillary for President. At least that is what Ben Smith said. I did an ebay search and did not find it.

Update: It appears it was taken down because it was making the diner look bad, but EBay was about to take it down anyway.

AnninCA commented He has none. He's a personality figure. Not a real statemen. That means.....gotta keep the press away so they don't catch onto to the anomolies.

oldpro commented not up to speed on emerging issues because you're too busy campaigning? Avoid reporters until you can get your spiel straight.
And hope they stop asking mean questions.
Fewer chances for mistakes, gaffs, screwups and at this stage that is to be avoided at all costs. He seems a little testy about it tho...and in public and in camera range...not good....

davnee commented BO is a regular gaffe machine these days. Could BO have picked a more perfect breakfast food to mark his little snit? God I hope this gets play, because the waffle is just an endless source of amusement. In all seriousness though, if BO is melting
Like butter on a waffle.
under the pressure of the primary and already hiding from the press and ducking debates, how is he ever going make it to November with the Republicans putting him through his paces rather than a woman and fellow Democrat who is boxing him with one hand tied behind her back?


Monday, April 21, 2008

Map of the News

Where News Breaks reported As any journalist knows, news has to be about people - they either make it, or are affected by it. No people, no news. It therefore stands to reason that heavily populated areas of the US, like California or the Northeast, generate most of the news stories. But even allowing for population, some locations account for a disproportionately high number of news items.

Researchers extracted the dateline from about 72,000 wire-service news stories from 1994 to 1998 and modified a standard map of the Lower 48 US states (above) to show the size of the states in proportion to the frequency of their appearance in those datelines


Why can't I just eat my waffle?

The Swamp reported As Sen. Hillary Clinton was preparing to campaign here today, Sen. Barack Obama was meeting with voters at a diner and apparently pretty hungry.
Or did not know the answer.
"Why can't I just eat my waffle?"
He may have eat questions about a number of waffles, like when he said he would take public financing.
he said, when asked a foreign policy question by a reporter at the Glider Diner.

Allahpundit blogged Confirmation that KP was right in saying that “Obama has shown he doesn’t like to be questioned”? An affinity for breakfast pastry so powerful as to rise to the level of a dependency? Or, per the first commenter at the link, is it a symbolic representation of the Messiah’s waffling on whether to accept public financing? How about maybe the guy was hungry and figured the question could wait.


North Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate CANCELLED

North Carolina Democratic Party announced We regret to inform you that the proposed Democratic Presidential Debate scheduled for April 27 has been canceled due to time constraints and logistical issues
Like the fact that Obama was so upset at being asked real questions at the debate in Pennsylvania that he is afraid to enter another debate. He is not prepared to answer hard questions, and fears CBS’ Katie Couric might throw him some hardballs to try to keep her job at CBS (and if he can't handle a few hardballs from the press, why does he think he is prepared for the challenges he would face in the Oval Office).
associated with such a large, national event.

Mark Ambinder blogged Despite pressure from the governor, from the local media, from their own-state campaign, Barack Obama's advisers refused to accept an invitation to debate in North Carolina because they did not want to give Hillary Clinton any excuse to stay in the race beyond Tuesday, assuming she doesn't fare that well. The Obama campaign's gambit paid off: the debate is canceled.


'Islamic' terror label

Washington Times reported A coalition of American Muslim groups is demanding that Sen. John McCain stop using the adjective "Islamic" to describe terrorists and extremist enemies of the United States.
Why don't you call for Al-Zawahiri and other Islamic jihadists to stop using Islamic texts and teachings to call for violence.
Muneer Fareed, who heads the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and one of the groups participating in "a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."
unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation jihad terror funding case last summer, and
told The Washington Times that his group is beginning a campaign to persuade Mr. McCain to rephrase his descriptions of the enemy. "We've tried to contact his office, contact his spokesperson to have them rethink word usage that is more acceptable to the Muslim community,"
Mr. Fareed said. "If it's not our intent to paint everyone with the same brush, then certainly we should think seriously about just characterizing them as criminals, because that is what they are."
How about Islamic criminal terrorist, to distinguish them from other Islamic criminals?
An aide to Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee who is counting on his pro-Iraq war stance to attract conservative voters, said the senator from Arizona will not drop the word.
Good for him.
Steve Schmidt, a former Bush White House aide who is now a McCain media strategist, told The Times that the use of the word is appropriate and that the candidate will continue to define the enemy that way.


Dueling Polls

DRUDGE reports Controlled excitement is building inside of Clinton's inner circle as closely guarded internal polling shows the former first lady with an 11-point lead in Pennsylvania! and Gallup Daily reports Support for Barack Obama's nomination bid has rebounded among national Democratic voters, who now favor him over Hillary Clinton by a seven percentage point margin, 49% to 42%.

This is comparing apples to oranges, but Gallup's daily had Clinton on top just a day or two ago.


Hudna reported The leader of Hamas said Monday that his Palestinian militant group would offer Israel a 10-year "hudna," or truce, as implicit proof of recognition of Israel
Even though he said they would never recognize Israel.
if it withdrew from all lands it seized in the 1967 Middle East War.
Maybe they should not have attacked Israel. Would the arabs be willing to give up all the land they took in war, and go back to Saudi Arabia?
Khaled Mashaal told The Associated Press that he made the offer to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
Dhimmi. Say that rimes with Jimmy. Jimy the Dhimmi.
in talks on Saturday. "We have offered a truce if Israel withdraws to the 1967 borders, a truce of 10 years as a proof of recognition," Mashaal said. In his comments Monday, Mashaal used the Arabic word "hudna," meaning truce, which is more concrete than "tahdiya" — a period of calm — which Hamas often uses to describe a simple cease-fire. Mashaal said Hamas would accept a Palestinian state limited to the lands Israel seized in 1967 — that is, the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem.
In other words they want Fatah to give up the West Bank, and Israel to pull out of Jerusalem and the West Bank, so it can all be ruled by Hamas, that had the Gaza strip all to themselves after Israel pulled out, and tey just destroyed it.
But he said the group would never outright formally recognize Israel.

Holly In Cincinnati blogged This is nothing new from Hamas, which would love to import offensive weaponry for the next 10 years while ruling both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Hamas’ terrorist attacks will simply be farmed out to (or conveniently blamed upon) Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, Al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades etc…while Hamas claims to be at peace and that Israeli self-defense violates this ‘hudna’ (an Islamic temporary truce until victory can be attained over an unwary enemy).

Hamas had its chance to give up violence and become a constructive political organization when it won that so-called election. Hamas could have suppressed violence and dismantled the other terrorist groups (see above list) while working with Israel and the world community to ease the plight of its subjects. Did Hamas choose to grow up? No way! Hamas chose to blow its big chance and continue to bring misery to the Palestinian Arabs.

Only an ignorant, politically-correct, self-righteous moralizing fool would buy-into this nonsense.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Holy names

Khaleej Times reported A fatwa has been issued by Dubai Islamic Affairs Department (DIAD) to ban printing of names that include the 99 names of Almighty God such as Abdul Rahman, Abdullah, Abdul Salam as well as names of prophets and saints on the labels of sample bottles provided by hospitals and laboratories to the patients. A top official at DIAD said the fatwa bans writing or printing the name of Almighty God on stool or urine samples desecrates the glorious names of God.
Maybe you should stop naming people Muhammad and other "holy names".
The DIAD advised the hospitals and laboratories to write the file number of the patients on the bottles.
But the numbers represent the patient names, just as your "Allah" has 99 names.
The DIAD has alerted the Ministry of Health and Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS) to implement the decision in order to stop this practice immediately.