Saturday, January 10, 2009

Whole Hamas battalions wiped out

Ynetnews reported Is Hamas falling apart?
A senior IDF officer estimated Saturday that roughly 300 Hamas men have been killed since the army launched its ground incursion in the Gaza Strip. The military official said IDF troops were able to wipe out whole battalions belonging to the Gaza terror group.
Good job, IDF.
"Hundreds of people were killed in the various combat sectors," the officer said. "Some Hamas companies and battalions were simply wiped out. We also see cases of desertions and unauthorized leaves, while some terror activists are scared to undertake moves that would jeopardize them vis-à-vis IDF troops."
The cowards are hiding behind civilians, rather than confronting the IDF and claiming their 72 virgins. Maybe they are not that sure they have 72 virgins waiting for them.
Earlier Saturday, the IDF killed Hamas' rocket chief in the Gaza City area, Amir Mansi. The senior officer said that shortly before his death Mansi clashed with his subordinates, who refused to come out of their hideouts.
I don't blame them.
The rocket chief was left with no choice but to launch mortar shells himself,
He did not have to fire on Israel at all.
and was killed after being identified by the army.


International plan hatched to bring back Fatah

Times Online reported A plan to create a new foothold in Gaza for the Palestinian Authority and to bring in international monitors was being drawn up by diplomats yesterday as a UN ceasefire call was dismissed by both sides.
Hamas has killed most of the Fatah people in Gaza before. What makes them think these will not be killed too, and what Fatah people are stupid enough to test them.
The plan would allow a return of the authority, led by the secular Fatah faction, to the territory 18 months after it was expelled by the Islamist Hamas. Diplomats are considering taking a triangle at the southern end of Gaza, including the Rafah crossing to Egypt and the Kerem Shalom crossing to Israel, to be policed by Turkish and French military monitors to stop arms smuggling into Gaza.
Will they be more effective than the monitors in Lebanon who were supposed to keep Hezbollah from rearming?
The zone would nominally be controlled by the authority, the internationally recognised Government. Such a plan would allow the crossings to reopen for the first time since Hamas seized power in Gaza in June 2007.... It faces formidable obstacles.
Particularly Hamas.
Diplomats said yesterday that the Egyptian efforts were getting bogged down because of disagreements over how to secure the border. Hamas has said it would consider allowing observers at the border crossings with Egypt but opposes an international force. It also claimed yesterday that a delegation of three Hamas leaders had crossed the border into Egypt to join talks. Israel, however, is insisting on a robust international force to destroy smuggling tunnels under the border. Egypt, for its part, does not want international troops on its territory.
Then let its own forces close the tunnels down.


Friday, January 09, 2009

Blago Impeached

House impeaches Blagojevich - Chicago Breaking News reported In a historic vote, the Illinois House has impeached Gov. Rod Blagojevich,
The Illinois Supreme Court has rejected Burris's case; will Reid seat him, given these two actions?
directing the Senate to put the state's 40th chief executive on trial with the goal of removing him from office. The vote by the House was 114-1
I wonder if the Senate vote will be that lopsided
with one member voting "present." It marks the first time in the state's 190-year history that a governor has been impeached, despite Illinois' longstanding reputation for political corruption. Rep. Milt Patterson (D-Chicago) was the lone vote against impeachment.
I wonder what Blago will appoint him to before the Senate convicts him.
The "present" vote was cast by Rep. Elga Jefferies (D-Chicago).


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Is this a civilized religion?

Pamela Geller showed some pictures of Muslims celebrating Ashura by self flagellation and by hurting their children.

These people do this to themselves and yet people object if the worst of the worst are waterboarded. At least it would wash some of the blood off.

Parents doing this to their own children????


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Palestinians boast of using civilians as human shields

For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry
In which excel the women and all the people of this land:
The older people excel, the jihadists excel
And the children excel
Consequently, [the Palestinians] created a human shield of women, children
Older people and jihadists

Against the Zionist bombing machine
That is telling the Zionist enemy
We want death just as much as you desire life.

If they want death so much, why are they complaining when Israel provides it?


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

May God exterminate Hamas!

NY Daily News reported From her lips to God's ear: The fury of a bereaved Palestinian mother captures evil of Hamas in Gaza. A New York Times dispatch captured an excruciating moment that took place in a hospital morgue, where a mother had just found half of the body of her 17-year-old daughter. "May God exterminate Hamas!"
That is what the Jews are trying to do.
screamed the woman in crystal-clear understanding that the terrorist band's reckless, inhuman actions had brought death to her child.


Dems scrambling to avoid Burris spectacle reported In a phone interview with The Hill, Burris said, “We're going to go up to the [Senate] door, and if we're turned away, then we'll document all of that and consult our lawyers.” But Burris added a bit of diplomacy, toning down the racial rhetoric he and his aides have employed recently. “Never in my whole political career have I brought up race,” Burris told The Hill.
Then why did The Hill report you wrer toning down the racial rhetoric you and your aids have employed recently.
“It is certainly not a factor here.”
It is a factor, or why would Harry Reid have recommended a white and an oriental, and said to avoid three blacks. He does not think a black could be elected in IL if he did not do as Obama did and get all other candidates kicked off the ballot before the election.
“There is some bristling at the member level that both sides are digging in too much and need to cool down,” one senior aide said. “Members are basically saying, ‘We owe it to ourselves to give us some leeway — we may not have the option to deny him a seat forever.’ ”
If Illinois gets off the stick and Impeaches him they may have another choice.
Another aide said distraction was more of a factor than any concern about the strength of Democratic leaders’ case against seating Burris.
He is going to be a distraction either way.
The party needs to focus on the economic stimulus plan, confirmation hearings, new committee and leadership assignments and a host of other concerns in the dwindling days before President-elect Obama’s inauguration on Jan. 20. “We need this to go away, and the way to do that in the Senate is to make a deal,” the aide said.
It should be about doing the right thing. Whatever that is. Blago wants Burris because he knows Reid does not want him, and Read does not want him because Blago appointed him, and because he does not think Burris could win in 2010 (he has tried for several high offices and lost each time).
“That’s what Wednesday is all about.” The staffers said the tenor of the Burris-Reid meeting on Wednesday will depend on Burris’s actions on Tuesday. Some Democrats have become exasperated by Burris’s aggressive approach and repeated references to race.
Refil the popcorn bowl, this is getting more interesting.


The Left decides it is OK to be patriotic now

International Herald Tribune reported "People finally felt like our generation had reclaimed patriotism," said Haley Fagan, 24, a Berkeley paralegal who got stuck in a car trying to cross the street as the crowd surged. "It was a moment that we felt comfortable with it." After generations of finding their voice in dissidence, some Americans on the left wing are adjusting not only to a new postelection comfort with patriotic symbols,
That means they still do not understand patriotism. Patriotism is pride in one's country, regardless of who is in the White House. I salute the flag now, while George W Bush is in the White House, and I will continue to salute it after January 20 when Obama is in the White House.

I have agreed with many of the things GWB did, and disagreed with some (particularly recently, as he has been doing some stupid things to try to improve his "legacy". I am giving BO a chance, but I suspect I will disagree with him in many areas, and feel he is hurting the country. But I will still be proud of my country, and the Armed Forces that keep it safe.
but also to the political reality they represent. Believing in Obama after Inauguration Day will mean identifying with the machinery of U.S. power.


Monday, January 05, 2009

Proof the NYT is almost bankrupt

A Newspaper with any pride would never think of selling an Ad on their front page. But NYTimes reported The Times Starts Selling Display Ads on Page 1. In its latest concession to the worst revenue slide since the Depression, The New York Times has begun selling display advertising on its front page, a step that has become increasingly common across the newspaper industry. The first such ad, appearing Monday in color, was bought by CBS. The ad, two-and-a-half inches high, lies horizontally across the bottom of the front page, below the news articles and a brief summary of some articles in the paper. In a statement, the paper said such ads would be placed “below the fold” — that is, on the lower half of the page.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Showdown Looms

ABC News reported Arrangements are under way for a Wednesday meeting between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Roland Burris, the Democrat tapped by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to succeed President-elect Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate, ABC News has learned.

Get the popcorn ready, the fit is about to hit the shan.