Thursday, May 21, 2009

Says he didn't do it

NYTimes reported Suspect in Hijacking of U.S. Ship off Somalia Denies Federal Charges
There were four hijackers. The navy shot three, and the fourth says he didn't do it. Who are you going to believe? How did he get on the boat?
.... Idd Beddel Mohamed, the deputy permanent representative to the Somali Mission to the United Nations, who attended the hearing, said “Over all, we have full confidence in the American legal system,
Where guilty people get off all the time
and I think in due course justice will be served on both sides.”
He said that his government had confidence in the defense lawyers and sympathized with the hostages’ families. Prosecutors say Mr. Muse is over 18. His lawyers and father say that he is as young as 15, and should be treated as a juvenile.
A juvenile that hijacked a ship and threatened to kill the Captain.
For now, he is being treated as an adult.

“He’s confused. He’s terrified,” another lawyer, Deirdre von Dornum, said. “As you can imagine, he’s a boy who fishes,
That was not a fishing pole he carried.
and now he’s ended up in solitary confinement here.” She added, “He’s having a very difficult time.”