Saturday, December 15, 2007

I have returned

I was without electricity from Sunday through Thursday because of the ice storm that hit Tulsa, and then I was briefly in the hospital. I am home now, and the power is back on.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

3 down but 50,000,000 saved

Michelle Malkin blogs These are what true religious martyrs look like telling the story of three Bible Publishers in Turkey who were murdered earlier this year

The same day I read in the British TimesOnline Demand for the Bible is soaring in China, at a time when meteoric economic growth is testing the country’s allegiance to Communist doctrine. Today the 50 millionth Bible will roll off the presses of China’s only authorized publisher, Amity Printing, amid public fanfare and celebration.
I pray for these three Turkish souls, but I rejoice at what is happening in China.


No More Mail For Any Wounded Soldier

Strategy Page reported The U.S. Army no longer accepts mail sent to "Any Wounded Soldier." In the United States, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where most wounded soldiers are cared for, has long accepted letters or parcels addressed to "Any Wounded Soldier." No longer, mainly because of the huge amount of it.
What the heck??? They would accept it if there was not enough for everyone, but because they are getting too much, they won't accept it?????
Over a million pieces a year, most of it during the holiday season, are sent just to the Walter Reed hospital.
I am happy that people are sending that much, but why stop because of the volume. If the other hospitals are not getting that much, send some to them, otherwise give the wounded soldiers whatever comes in. So what if they get hundreds of letters. Don't they have time to read them? Won't it make them feel good to know people care?
Instead, the American Red Cross, and the Pitney Bowes Corporation, will accept such mail for the Christmas season, assign a name to it, and get it delivered. Such mail should be sent (and arrive no later than December 27th) to:
We Support You During Your Recovery!
c/o American Red Cross
P.O. Box 419
Savage, MD 20763-0419
No packages, just cards and letters. But something can be arranged via,, or
I am happy there is someone willing to handle packages.


No Father's Day card for him

Daily Mail reported Hannah was born in Lancashire to Pakistani parents who raised her and her siblings as strict Sunni Muslims. She prayed and read the Koran, wore traditional Muslim clothes and was sent to a madrassa, a religious Muslim school. She ran away from home at 16 after overhearing her father organizing her arranged marriage.
This is not in Pakistan, but in Britain.
Hannah was taken in by a religious education teacher and decided to convert to the Christian faith. Although unhappy, her parents tolerated their daughter's dismissal-of Islam as a "teenage phase".
All teenagers go through phases, but you don't kill them for them.
But when she opted to get baptised, while studying at Manchester University, her family were incensed and the death threats began. Her father arrived at her home with 40 men and threatened to kill her for betraying Islam.
No Father's Day card for you.
"I saw my uncle and around 40 men storming up the street clutching axes, hammers, knives and bits of wood," she said. "My dad was shouting through the letter box, "I'm going to kill you", while the others smashed on the window and beat the door.... No one has been arrested or charged in connection with the death threats, but officers have put her on an "at risk" register and have given her a panic number to call if she fears for her own safety.
That is nice. And what will you do when she calls? And they succeed, will you speak harshly to them?
Yesterday Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, told delegates at the launch of a religious charity that Muslims in Britain who wished to change faiths were living in fear of their lives because of Islamic hostility to conversion. A study this year found that 36 per cent of British Muslims between 16 and 24 believe those who convert to another religion should be punished by death.
36%. Not exactly a "small minority"
In July an Iranian immigrant to Britain, who converted to Christianity, was saved from deportation after it emerged she would be stoned to death in her own country.
It is bad enough that it happens in those countries, but in Britain???


Is that camera on?

Did the left know the cameras were recording what they said?

Hat tip to Glenn Reynolds


Discard Kyoto

Yahoo! News reported China insisted Friday the U.S. and other wealthy nations should bear the burden of curbing global warming, saying the problem was created by their lavish way of life. It rejected mandatory emission cuts for its own developing industries.
Discard Kyoto, and anything like it. There is absolutely no way the west can stop global warming, even if it is a problem, if China and India and other third world countries are developing industries, and generating more carbon that we can possibly cut back, even if we destroy our economies.