Thursday, April 19, 2007

Iran Exonerates Six Who Killed in Islam’s Name

NYT reported The Iranian Supreme Court has overturned the murder convictions of six members of a prestigious state militia who killed five people they considered “morally corrupt.”

On first blush you might say that Muslims have a lot of freedom. They can kill anyone they want, and get off by saying they considered him "morally corrupt", but then consider that everyone else would be free to kill them, and claim they were "morally corrupt."


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

People don't stop killers. People with guns do

In an editorial in NY Daily News Constitutional law professor Glenn Reynolds wrote On Monday, as the news of the Virginia Tech shootings was unfolding, I went into my advanced constitutional law seminar to find one of my students upset. My student, Tara Wyllie, has a permit to carry a gun in Tennessee, but she isn't allowed to have a weapon on campus. That left her feeling unsafe. "Why couldn't we meet off campus today?" she asked. Virginia Tech graduate student Bradford Wiles also has a permit to carry a gun, in Virginia. But on the day of the shootings, he would have been unarmed for the same reason: Like the University of Tennessee, where I teach, Virginia Tech bans guns on campus.

In The Roanoke Times last year - after another campus incident, when a dangerous escaped inmate was roaming the campus - Wiles wrote that, when his class was evacuated, "Of all of the emotions and thoughts that were running through my head that morning, the most overwhelming one was of helplessness. That feeling of helplessness has been difficult to reconcile because I knew I would have been safer with a proper means to defend myself." Wiles reported that when he told a professor how he felt, the professor responded that she would have felt safer if he had had a gun, too. What's more, she would have been safer. That's how I feel about my student (one of a few I know who have gun carry permits), as well. She's a responsible adult; I trust her not to use her gun improperly, and if something bad happened, I'd want her to be armed because I trust her to respond appropriately, making the rest of us safer.

Virginia Tech doesn't have that kind of trust in its students (or its faculty, for that matter). Neither does the University of Tennessee. Both think that by making their campuses "gun-free," they'll make people safer, when in fact they're only disarming the people who follow rules, law-abiding people who are no danger at all. This merely ensures that the murderers have a free hand. If there were more responsible, armed people on campuses, mass murder would be harder.

In fact, some mass shootings have been stopped by armed citizens. Though press accounts downplayed it, the 2002 shooting at Appalachian Law School was stopped when a student retrieved a gun from his car and confronted the shooter. Likewise, Pearl, Miss., school shooter Luke Woodham was stopped when the school's vice principal took a .45 from his truck and ran to the scene. In February's Utah mall shooting, it was an off-duty police officer who happened to be on the scene and carrying a gun. Police can't be everywhere, and as incidents from Columbine to Virginia Tech demonstrate, by the time they show up at a mass shooting, it's usually too late. On the other hand, one group of people is, by definition, always on the scene: the victims. Only if they're armed, they may wind up not being victims at all.

Glenn has a very good point, but I bet that the radical left will attempt to use this as another excuse to disarm all of us, and leave us even more vulnerable to crazy guys like Cho. But it is not "Politically Correct" to point that out. Political correctness is running amoke. As James Toranto said in Best of the Web Today The Asian American Journalists Association, an association of journalists, has issued the following statement in response to the Virginia Tech massacre
As coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting continues to unfold, AAJA urges all media to avoid using racial identifiers unless there is a compelling or germane reason. There is no evidence at this early point that the race or ethnicity of the suspected gunman has anything to do with the incident, and to include such mention serves only to unfairly portray an entire people.
Reuters is listening, and they said
English Major Blamed for Virginia Tech Shooting.
. As James wrote, Where's the English Major Journalists Association when you need it?

Many MSM sites are calling this "the worst mass murder in U.S. history", but as Ragnar Danneskjold said Truth is, the Virginia Tech shooting rampage, while tragic, was not "the worst mass murder in U.S. history." It wasn't the "second worst mass murder in U.S. history," or even the third, or the fourth.

The 9/11 attacks (2,998 deaths), the Oklahoma City bombing (168 deaths), the HappyLand arson (87 deaths) and the Bath, Michigan bombing (45 deaths) all claimed more victims than the Virginia Tech shootings (32 deaths).

But, as Vinnie noted yesterday, those events don't fit neatly into the anti-gun political agenda, so they need to go down the memory hole, thereby leaving the Virginia Tech shootings as "the worst mass murder in U.S. history," with Charles Whitman's shooting rampage taking a close second.

I am very familiar with Charles Whitman's shooting rampage from the UT Austin Tower. Just east of the tower was the UT Computer Center, and I was working in that building as a computer operator when Charles Whitman was shooting people above me. We did not know about it at the time, and I am not sure why. Perhaps if someone had started outside they would have been told. But in the computer room itself, where I worked, the word was not spread until it was all over.


Polygamous husbands can claim cash for their harems

This is London reports Polygamous husbands settling in Britain with multiple wives can claim extra benefits for their "harems" even though bigamy is a crime in the UK, it has emerged.
If it is a crime in the UK put them in prison, or deport them.
Opposition MPs are demanding an urgent change in the law, claiming that the Government is recognising and rewarding a custom which has no legal status and which is "alien" to this country's cultural traditions. Officials said yesterday a review was now under way into whether the state should continue to pay out income support, jobseeker's allowance and housing and council tax benefits to 'extra' spouses.
at socialism gets you.
See whIslamic law allows a man to take up to four wives, providing he can provide for them fairly and equally.
But he is not providing for them at all. He is putting them on the dole.
But British law only ever recognises one spouse, while bigamy is punishable by up to seven years in jail.
Tell them they have two weeks to leave or you are going to put them in jail.
However, if a husband and his wives arrive and settle in Britain having wed in a country where polygamy is legal, then the UK benefits system recognises his extra wives as dependents and pays them accordingly.
Stupid policy
.... Tory MP for Monmouth David Davies condemned the arrangements as "appalling", and called for an immediate halt to the payments. He said: "People who come to this country must be prepared to abide by our laws and rules. Polygamy is completely alien to our cultural and legal tradition, and it's disgraceful that our benefits system is recognising and rewarding it. "Why are some people in Government falling over themselves to undermine every tradition that has made this country what it is?"
because they are liberal socialists.
.... A DWP official insisted the rules did not "reward" polygamy, as second wives receive less in benefits than single women. A single person can claim just under £60 per week in jobseeker's allowance, while couples receive up to £92.80, but each 'additional spouse' in a polygamous marriage receives an extra £33.65.
It is still rewarding them, just not as much. Paying them £0 would be not rewarding them.


3 killed in attack on Christian publishing house in Turkey

International Herald Tribune reported Assailants killed three people Wednesday at a publishing house that distributed Bibles, in the latest attack apparently targeting Turkey's tiny Christian minority.
Is Islam such a weak faith that it cannot stand any competiton?
The three victims were found with their throats slit and their hands and legs bound at the Zirve publishing house in Malatya, a city in eastern central Turkey, local Gov. Ibrahim Dasoz said. One was found still alive, and was taken to the hospital but later died, he said. The German Embassy said one victim was German. "I am shocked that a German citizen is among the victims. Even if the exact circumstances of the crime are not yet known, I most strongly condemn this brutal crime,"
Would you have condemned it if a German had not been killed?
German Ambassador Eckart Cuntz said in a statement.... Malatya is known as a hotbed of nationalists, and is also the hometown of Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981.
Who was in the Vatican at the time; not in Turkey.
The Zirve publishing house has been the site of previous protests by nationalists accusing it of proselytizing in this 99-percent Muslim but secular country, Dogan news agency reported.
Again I ask, "Is Islam such a weak faith that it cannot stand competition"
Zirve's general manager told CNN-Turk that his employees had recently been threatened. "We know that they have been receiving some threats," Hamza Ozant said, but could not say who made the threats.
Maybe it was the Joooz. <grin>
The manner in which the victims were bound suggested the attack could have been the work of a local Islamic militant group, commentators said,
Nope, not the Jooz
and CNN-Turk television reported that police were investigating the possible involvement of Turkish Hezbollah


EU aims to criminalise Holocaust denial reported Laws that make denying or trivialising the Holocaust a criminal offence punishable by jail sentences will be introduced across the European Union, according to a proposal expecting to win backing from ministers Thursday.
I suspect they will still be just as anti-simetic as they always have been, but they will feel better by admitting the holocaust happened.
Offenders will face up to three years in jail under the proposed legislation, which will also apply to inciting violence against ethnic, religious or national groups.
How about also inciting violence BY religious groups (muslims)
The latest draft, seen by the Financial Times, will make it mandatory for all Union member states to punish public incitement “to violence or hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin”.
I hope this will not go so far as to forbid criticism of a religion (Islam), or saying something they say "offends them"


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All Women Should Wear A Veil

Brussels Journal reported According to Mostafa Chendid of the Danish Islamic Society (Islamisk Trossamfund), not only Muslim women but other women too should wear a veil. Why? Because five up to ten percent of all men cannot control themselves when they see a woman without a veil.
That may be true of Muslim men, who are taught they are superior to women. Perhaps muslim men should be castrated.


Most Wanted Sex Offenders

NewsChannel 8 has an evideo where You can help 8 On Your Side track down several wanted sex offenders. Each has failed to register with police and all of them were convicted for crimes against children.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Raped for reading Holy Bible reported "The complainant was born a Muslim and raised a Muslim and was a Muslim all her life," Mr O'Brien said. He said when the woman came to Australia from the Middle East she began listening to Christian teachers and reading the Bible.
At least she has been exposed to the truth.
He said the woman - who wears the Muslim hijab - had received threats from members of her faith for reading the Bible but had not converted to Christianity.
Islam calls for apostates to be killed ("Whoever changes his religion, kill him" is called for in Bukhari, Abu Dawud, and many other Haddith that are not online, including Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, An-Nasai, the Muwatta of Imam Malik, Tayalisi, Ibn Hanbal, Ibn Hibban, the Sunan al-Kubraa, Bayhaqi, Abu Ya'laa, Humaidi, Abd al-Razzaq, and Ibn Abi Shaybah.). I guess rape must be the penalty for just reading the Bible.
It is alleged she met Al Shawany, who she had first met overseas, at Warwick Farm railway station in September 2002 after he told her he had some mail for her from overseas. Al Shawany allegedly then took her to a Warwick Farm unit and pushed her in the head as she entered. "She was wearing a hijab. The accused grabbed the hijab, the veil, and pulled it tight across her mouth," Mr O'Brien told the court. "She fell to the floor and she couldn't scream because she had a hijab tight across her mouth."
Another disadvantage to wearing a hijab.
Al Shawany allegedly raped the woman and later allegedly said: "Let your Jesus help you."
I assure you He will, and the rapist can count on a "hot time" on judgement day. But why just "your Jesus". The Quran mentions Jesus, and calls Him a great prophet. It does not admit that He is the Son of God, but it does recognize Him as a prophet.
In a police interview, Al Shawany denied having sexual intercourse with the woman or threatening her. Al Shawany's barrister Chris Pike told the court his client was a hardworking businessman with close ties to the community who strenuously denied the charges. "My client is not a zealot," Mr Pike said.
No he is just a mild mannered rapist.
The woman gave evidence in closed court yesterday and is expected to return to the witness stand when the trial before Judge David Knox continues today.


Only the beginning

Star Tribune reported Dianna Cusick, MCTC's director of legal affairs, is overseeing the project. She referred me to the Muslim Accommodations Task Force, whose web site she is using as a primary resource. "They've done all the research," she said.
Not all of it. They left out the part about everyone having to accept Islam, or pay a major tax (jizya), or be killed, and the imposition of Sharia law instead of what we have now. But except for that, it is basically a list of their demands. They thought it would go over better if they hid the extreme parts initially.
On the site, I found information about the handful of public colleges that have "wudu," or ritual bathing, facilities. But I also discovered something more important for colleges seeking guidance on "accommodations": Projects like MCTC's are likely to be the first step in a long process. The task force's eventual objectives on American campuses include the following, according to the website: permanent Muslim prayer spaces,
Will they also have permanent Christian prayer spaces? After all Christians outnumber Muslims.
ritual washing facilities, separate food and housing for Muslim students,
Segregation. Is that constitutional?
separate hours at athletic facilities for Muslim women, paid imams or religious counselors, and campus observance of Muslim holidays.
If you want all of that, why not go back to a Muslim country?
The task force is already hailing "pioneering" successes. At Syracuse University in New York, for example, "Eid al Fitr is now an official university holiday," says an article featured on the website.
If that is true, they better recognize Christmas and Easter, and not just as winter and spring break.
"The entire university campus shuts down to mark the end of Ramadan." At Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Mich., "halal" food -- ritually slaughtered and permissible under Islamic law -- is marked by green stickers in the cafeteria and "staff are well-trained in handling practices."

At Georgetown University, Muslim women can live apart in housing that enables them to "sleep in an Islamic setting," as the website puts it.
Does that mean having a man beat them any time they do something that displeases him?
According to a student at the time the policy was adopted, the university housing office initially opposed the idea, on grounds that all freshman should have the experience of "living in dorms and dealing with different kinds of people." That might sound appealing, Muslim students told a reporter in an article featured on the website. But in their view, the reporter wrote, "learning to live with 'different kinds of people' " actually "causes more harm than good" for Muslims, because it requires them to live in an environment that "distracts them from their desire to become better Muslims, and even draw[s] weaker Muslims away from Islam."
Which may be a good thing. They might find a faith that is not stuck in the eighth century but which has adapted to the 21st century.
The task force isn't operated by overly enthusiastic college students. Its professional staff, based in the Washington, D.C., area, includes coordinators who provide legal advice, teach students to lobby, write letters on their behalf, and help them overcome "obstacles" such as college administrators' concerns about violating the separation of church and state.
They support separation of church and state, they just want entanglements between mosque and state, with mosque in the superior position.
CQ blogged In other words, what we will get from this process of multiculturalism is precisely the kind of "separate but equal" facilities struck down by the Supreme Court in Brown v Board of Education in 1954. These Muslim activists want to create a separate society within the United States for Muslims, and they want the US to provide them the facilities with which to create it. Separate dorms, separate cafeterias, Muslim-only physical-education classes -- they want a separate Muslim college at MCTC and everywhere else. It's self-initiated apartheid.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

What does capitulation get you

Jerusalem Post reported Britain's National Union of Journalists denounced Israel on Friday for its "military adventures" in Gaza and Lebanon, called on the government to impose sanctions and urged a boycott of Israeli goods.

Someone should denounce Britain's National Union of Journalists
By a vote of 66 to 54, the annual delegate's meeting of Britain's largest trade union for journalists called for "a boycott of Israeli goods similar to those boycotts in the struggles against apartheid South Africa led by trade unions, and [for] the [Trades Union Congress] to demand sanctions be imposed on Israel by the British government."
Boy I bet the Palestinians should really be pleased. Look at how they show their pleasure.
Yahoo! News reported The BBC and the Foreign Office told AFP they were urgently investigating reports Sunday that kidnapped BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston had been executed. The journalist was snatched at gunpoint last month, triggering protests and campaigns for his freedom.
Is there anyone that still thinks these savages can be reasoned with? All they understand is superior force, such as what Israel has, and is using to defend itself.


Students chanting???

Slideshow by the UK Telegraph shows Students at an Islamic madrassa chant anti-American slogans while burning thousands of DVDs, videos and music CDs at the Lal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan

Of course these peace loving students paid for all of those DVDs, videos, and music. Didn't they?