Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A good way of putting it

I don't share the concern that Danny Carlton (a.k.a. "Jack Lewis") has about Harriet Miers, but I really loved part of his post: one amusing aspect stands out: she doesn't fit the MSM's charactiture of what a Christian is supposed to be. First of all remember that for the most part MSM reporter, editors etc. are all frothing bigots, who see the world in shades of “agrees with us: good” and “disagrees with us: EEEEEEEVIL!!!” To them there are two kinds of Christians, the “good” kind that supports abortion, the homosexual agenda, teaching whatever the flakes in the NEA are currently into to impressionable school children, so on and so forth. The there are the “bad” Christians who actually take the Bible serious when it opposes abortion (Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:13), declares homosexual acts to be immoral (Romans 1:26,27) and declares that the world was created in six days (Exodus 20:11). (in other words—real Christians). But by their own horribly slanted news coverage, the second group are all knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who hold a large King James Bible (presumably for waving under people's noses) in one hand and a tightly-gripped copy of the Constitution (unread, otherwise they'd have found the part that says “separation of Church and State”

Which is NOT in the Constitution
that Liberals love so much) in the other and loaded 12-gauge in the other. (yes, that's three, but Liberals can't count; why else do you think they'd keep insisting that Gore actually won in 2000)

Harriet Miers doesn't seem to fit nicely into their invented charactiture of either. She joined an evangelical Protestant church back in the 70s and switched from the Democrat party to the Republican (something the MSM no doubt assume was a requirement for church membership).
Actually she was a conservative Democrat, like Ronald Reagan, and they did not leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left them, and that is why the south, formerly strongly conservative Democratic, is now solidly Republican (except perhaps for Louisiana, which is so corupt that many of the legislators are still in the corrupt Democratic party.
The church she joined, and is still a member of, is pro-life, but Miers has never been observed beating up a pregnant woman trying to go into an abortion clinic (something the MSM firmly belief all pro-lifers do on a regular basis) so therefore must be “moderate” (Moderate, in MSM speak means a Liberal somewhat to the right of Lenin).

When she ran for the Dallas City Council in 1989 she agreed that homosexuals deserved the same civil rights as anyone else (something Conservative Christians have repeatedly said, yet the MSM seem to never hear) and since she's never been observed going after homosexuals with a baseball bat (something the MSM firmly believe all “bad” Christians do routinely, in spite of no actual case of this being reported, anywhere) she apparently is “moderate” there as well.

So far because she doesn't fit in the MSM's closed minded categories, they are confused. They ponder the incongruities and wonder what to do (especially since the DNC hasn't given them any marching orders yet, seeing as how they are equally confused for the exact same reasons)

I also note that when Danny mentions a Bible Verse, he provides a link for it. He uses phpBible, while I use BibleGateway, but I do like it when he provides the links.

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