Thursday, October 06, 2005

Children’s drawings and words fight terrorism

Friends of Democracy blogged Friends of Democracy organized a touring gallery in many elementary and high schools through out the country in which children’s drawings were collected and showed. The theme of the project was to give the children a chance to express their love and support to the Iraqi security forces that are protecting them and working hard to allow Iraq students study in a violence-free environment. Friends of Democracy took the responsibility of purchasing and distributing the materials needed for the project, color pencils, cardboard sheets for the children to paint on as well as empty greeting cards (the latter was suggested by teachers and students as an alternative to be used by students who prefer writing to painting).

The beautiful result was thousands of awesome drawings and greeting cards all done by school children who expressed their love and appreciation for the defenders of Iraq. The organization right now is working on distributing these cards and drawings to the heroes of police and army as they risk their lives confronting the enemies of Iraq.
Good news from Iraq. Did you see it in the MSM? Of course not
The words and drawings had a wonderful positive effect on the morale of our soldiers and policemen who received them with overwhelming happiness and tears of joy “we’re not going to let them down and these paintings will take their place on the walls in our base” these were the words of one grateful soldier to whom we handed some paintings while his unit was patrolling the streets of Baghdad, the next day we received a call from the officer in command asking for more of these paintings which he described as “a proof on national unity in this confrontation with the powers of evil”.

The project included schools from various Iraqi cities including Baghdad, Kirkuk, Najaf, Samawa, Diwaniya and Amara. To view the rest of the photos click here.

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