Friday, October 07, 2005

Triumph over terror

Oliver North wrote in Townhall Beyond responsible dialogue, the best antidote to the imams, sheiks, ayatollahs and mullahs who incite terror are purple fingers. That's why violence in Iraq is increasing as the Oct. 15th Constitutional referendum approaches. Millions of people lining up to vote are a threat to the power of the Jihadis -- and they know it. So too are many other developments in Iraq that the masters of the media miss as they file reports on "the war" from the balconies of their air-conditioned hotel rooms in Baghdad's green zone.

They have no incentive to report the good news, because the MSM prefers to just publicize the bad stuff.
Over the summer, 43 Iraqi schools were renovated, making it possible for another 18,000 Iraqi children to get a quality education instead of a deadly indoctrination. Since June of 2004, 656 schools have been rebuilt or renovated. Hundreds of thousands more Iraqis have clean water today than ever before thanks to new water treatment plants being brought on-line. In the villages surrounding Kirkuk, for example, 25,000 residents have running water for the first time in their lives. In August, the new Iraqi Highway Patrol headquarters opened its doors in Baghdad, and six new highway patrol stations are under construction. Major Andy Johnson of the 18th Military Police Brigade calls this "a major step toward consolidating Iraqi control over the security of the main highways and commercial arteries in Iraq." Throughout Iraq there are more children going to school, more people with electricity, clean water and sanitation than ever before. There are more newspapers, radio stations, televisions, fire stations and health care facilities in Iraq today than at any point in the history of Mesopotamia. Yet we never hear about these things from our mainstream media.

Major General S.T. Johnson, who commanded the forward element of the 2nd Marine Division in Iraq puts it this way: "As a result of everyone's perseverance and personal risk, children here are going to school; water and electricity are widely available in the provinces of Karbala and Najaf which, almost one year ago, were dysfunctional. Forward operating bases in Najaf continue to be turned over to Iraqi Security Forces. Last but not least, thanks to our Military Training Teams and joint coalition and Iraqi patrols, Iraqi Security Forces and everyday people are taking charge and securing their national interests."

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