Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush's unpleasant surprise

Robert Novak wrote in Townhall .... Two weeks ago, Bush was seriously considering another Texas woman he likes and knows well. The nomination of Federal Circuit Judge Priscilla Owen would have been highly regarded in the conservative community. Owen was confirmed for the appellate bench only after the compromise forged by the Group of Fourteen, and Republican senators advised the White House they did not want to fight for her again so soon.

Anchoress blogged Is this true?

While Novak is clear that he finds this to be no excuse for the nomination of Miers, this is still a very interesting little tidbit…and we need to know if it’s true. Because if the senate Republicans communicated to the president that they were not in the mood to do battle…then perhaps the president said, “you don’t want a battle? Well then here is Reid’s list of acceptable nominees - here, he mentions Harriet, so you know what, I’ll NOMINATE her…and then maybe next time you won’t tell me you’re not in the mood to do battle…

I’d like some more information on that one little line…because frankly, everything I’ve seen of this president tells me he is not afraid of a fight. And everything I’ve seen of the Senate GOP tells me they ARE.

Perhaps rather than beating up on the “president who betrayed” some folks should be beating up on the “senators who won’t fight…”

That sounds like a very good idea to me.
Mark Levin at NRO is saying something similar.

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