Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sunnis Wary

NYT reported On a narrow street in Adhamiya, the Sunni Arab heart of the capital, an elderly sheik sits in a darkened room pondering his country's future. At 64, he has seen the withdrawal of the British decades ago, the demise of a monarchy and the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein. Now changes are looming that could be just as profound. In a week, Iraqis will vote on a constitution that, if approved, would set the stage for full independence from the American-led occupation. But for many Sunni Arabs, the constitution seems to signify the birth of a new nation, in which they have been relegated to the distant sidelines.

Gee, they won't be able to rule over 80% of the people like they used to. They just need to hope that the 80% will treat them better than they did when they were in power.
"We are paying for the mistakes of Saddam," said the sheik, Abu Omar al-Adhami, leaning forward and speaking intensely, his bare feet planted squarely on the tile floor. "It's the end of the road, a done deal."

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