Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Truth About New Orleans & Katrina

Amy Proctor blogged It wasn't Pres. Bush who was negligent in the rescue efforts in New Orleans, but Dem. Mayor Ray Nagin and Dem. Gov. Kathleen Blanco whose incompetence and negligence caused the additional and unnecessary suffering of their own constituents.

Absolutely. Nagin certainly screwed up, but I blame Governor Blanco for most of the problems. She wanted to hurt Nagin, for supporting her opponent in 2003, and she did not want to relinquish control to the feds. She would rather have the people of New Orleans suffer.
In fact, just after the rescue effort in Louisiana and Mississippi began, only 13% of Americans blamed President Bush for the response. Most blamed the local government. ABC Nightline aired interviews with some of the victims of Katrina now repositioned in Texas just after Pres. Bush had met with them and given them comfort and aide. To them, hearing the President assuaged their concerns that the United States had let them down. Yet the media tried its best to influence the victims’ opinion against the President....
They do that all the time. They try to twist anything so they can blame Bush.
The media is admittedly liberal and an accessory to this crime against the minority poor. Rather than investigate and report, they create news from unsubstantiated second, third and fourth hand reports or worse.... if it suits their prejudice. They also see poor blacks like those in New Orleans as hopeless deviants who need the Democratic party to give them their daily bread, while in reality it is the Democratic party that continues to suppress the ability of poor minority populations to succeed outside of the "compassionate liberalism" party.... The most important fact is that New Orleans is a Democratic stronghold with a Democratic mayor and a Democratic Governor. Similar statistics are consistent with large liberal cities like Los Angeles and New York City. Compare hurricane response to that of Mississippi, with it's Republican Gov. Haley Barbour, Texas, with it's Republican Gov. Rick Perry; Florida with it's Republican Gov. Jeb Bush. Examine for yourself the difference good conservative leadership can make. (great photo)
That is a very funny photo.

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