Saturday, October 08, 2005

Moonbat Princess

Pieter Dorsman blogged The sister of Dutch Queen Beatrix has stepped into the limelight to declare that the West should initiate peace negotiations with al-Qaeda

Exactly what should we offer them. They attacked us, several times, culminating with 9/11, before we attacked them. Zawahiri said their objectives were:
  • First, expel American forces from Iraq.
  • Second, establish a caliphate over as much of Iraq as possible.
  • Third, extend the jihad to neighboring countries, with specific reference to Egypt and the Levant -- a term that describes Syria and Lebanon.
  • And finally, war against Israel.
And we know that their ultimate goal is a Global Caliphate, i.e. the entire world under Islamic Rule. If we were nice to them, do you think they would be happy with just half of the world?

in an interview with De Volkskrant, one of the country's top newspapers.... To my non-Dutch readers whose jaws have probably now all dropped, this may sound shocking and unbelievable but Princess Irene has been a certified moonbat for years, long even before Perry de Havilland coined the term. She was part of the big anti-cruise missile rallies during the 1980s, and left the Dutch nation speechless after revelations in another newspaper interview that she often engaged in dialogues with trees and dolphins.

Marcus Aurelius blogged One thing that is not so obvious to us denizens of the later 20th and early 21st centuries is the amount of resistance to Churchill's war on Adolf Hitler. The usual narrative is the Western democracies rallied against Hitler with united populations. This is a misconception that probably arises from the people who were wrong about Hitler hoping people would forget how awfully wrong they were. Fact is, quite a few people in the UK (the elites were for coming to terms with Adolf Hitler) even after the repeated broken promises by Adolf Hitler and numerous "one more chances" there was much resistance to fighting Adolf. As I have said in the past this is a fine impulse but after a point it ceases being resistance to war and becomes invitation to enslavement.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford blogged I have a great idea! Let's negotiate with mass-murderering terrorists who want to stone to death women who get pregnant out of wedlock! Maybe they will meet us in the middle and and only kill half the Jews in the world and only give adulteresses fifty lashes instead of the death sentence?

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Marcus Aurelius said...


Thanks for reading & tracking back to Blogger Beer. As a blogger I am sure you realize how appreciated it is on my part!

Read your PJ bio and what a great thing you have going! Up here in northeast Wisconsin we have something called Rawhide Boys Camp which teaches troubled young men about auto repair. It was started by Bart Starr and a guy by the name of John Gillespie (who ran to replace our Democrat Senator Herb Kohl in 2000 but lost). Sounds very much like what you do, but with computers instead of cars.

Hmmmm, a new camp up there?

God Bless you.