Sunday, October 02, 2005

Kiss Your Liberty Goodby

John Derbyshire wrote in National Review Online On Sept. 14, the US House of Representatives passed, 223-199, the ominous federal 'anti-hate' bill, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005. It was inserted as AMDT.2662 into the Children's Safety Act. If approved unaltered by the senate judiciary, this legislation is ready for the President to sign into law.

Here is a summary of what the bill would make law: Although AMDT.2662 ostensibly empowers the government to assist states in prosecution of violent hate crimes, its actual effect will be much more far-reaching. AMDT.2662 will lead to enforcement of the working definitions of 'hate' and 'hate crimes' which are enforced by the many 'anti-hate' bureaucracies in countries throughout the western industrialized world. In such countries, it is now a "hate crime" to criticize members of federally protected groups such as Jews and homosexuals. Utilizing such definitions, 'hate crime' indictments have been made or are currently being pursued by Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. AMDT.2662 builds a foundation for a 'hate crimes' bureaucracy in America, also ending free speech...

I did a Google on "Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act" and read through some of the finds. I got a strong impression that:

(a) A big driving force behind this bill has been the "transgender community," rapidly developing into the #1 nuisance lobby of our age.

For example, see this
(b) The main opposition is coming from Christian groups

Rense says Here are some of the specially protected groups which AMDT.2662 defends:

Homosexuals. Any public criticism of homosexuals will soon be considered a hate crime, just as it was for 11 Christians under the Pennsylvania hate crime law on Oct. 10, 2004. These Christians were arrested as "hate criminals" for preaching during a huge "gay pride" rally and faced 47 years in prison and $80,000 fines each.

Women. A woman who claims her boyfriend used a sexist word against her and raped her the last time they had sex, can press charges for a "hate crime" of rape. Punishment will triple the usual penalty, about 30 years in prison.

Jews. Already the Dept. of Global Anti-semitism, being established in the US State Dept., makes it "anti-semitic" to express "strong anti-Israel sentiment" against Israel or its leaders. It also says upholding the New Testament charge that Jews killed Christ is "anti-semitic." Under "anti-hate" laws in Canada and Europe, such statements are "hate crimes" punishable by harsh fines and imprisonment.

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