Friday, August 12, 2005

Tulsa Bloggers aggregator site launched

BatesLine blogged During my absence, the rest of Tulsa's budding local-news-blogging community has been busy, and there are some exciting developments. The local blogger segment that KFAQ's Michael DelGiorno did a week ago has stimulated an effort to work together in a more formal way. Bobby of Tulsa Topics has set up a Tulsa Bloggers aggregation page, presenting excerpts from the latest five entries from eight blogs that focus on local news. This gives you a quick way to see what's new around Tulsa. There is also a BlogDigger group page and XML feed that combines all eight blogs into a single feed.

One of those blogs is brand new. David Schuttler, who has written and posted video and images about the airport noise abatement program and other local issues on his Our Tulsa World website, now has a blog on the site.

If you're someone who blogs about Tulsa news and wants to be included in the aggregator, email MeeCiteeWurkor at gmail dot com.

This is very interesting. I will not be asking to join the group, because very few of my blog entries are about Tulsa (although I do frequently use Tulsa as an example when posting a blog entry about some new technology that is location specific. But this will make it easier for me to identify the bloggers covering the local area, when I run across a blog claiming there are no blogs that cover local news.

For local bloggers that are not aware of it, see Blog Oklahoma

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