Monday, August 08, 2005

Living Conditions in Afghanistan

Waheed blogged Life has changed a lot for most Afghans since the Taliban was removed from power. During the Taliban regime most people were jobless, producing a very small economy. Foreign investors, as well as national investors, saw no benefit to invest their interests and money into a country that had so many economic, as well as political and social problems. However, after the fall of the Taliban in 2001, life has become considerably better for most people. This is due to growing peace and stabilty in the country. Most educated people who were jobless during the Taliban regime are now working in government organizations, foreign organizations, and the private sector. Some people are busy working in private businesses. Other people who are illiterate are now working in the construction field or making their own small businesses.

This is very good news. Why have we not read about it in the New York Times or the Washington Post. Oh, yes, I remember now. All they want to do it run stories that will hurt the Bush Administration. Does anyone know a rich conservative? If so why not encourage him to buy one of those papers, and print the truth.
Life has also changed for me and my friends. Now most of my friends who were jobless work in different organizations. Other friends who were not able to continue their educaton under Taliban regime have gone back to complete their high school education. Some of them are now in their first year of college, and they are very happy in their new and changed lives. Everybody works hard and everyone is busy with new jobs and life situations. Most young boys and girls are learning English; most schools offer English courses after regular school hours. Everyone now understands the importance of English (the international language). Many people learn English and computers to get a better job.
Some well educated people who graduated college but do not speak English, or understand how to use computers, cannot find a well-paying job. Other people who only have a high school diploma, earn better money then some university graduates, because they understand English and computers. This has shown the people how important it is to understand the English language and computers to gain a job easily in foreign companies and government organizations.
When Jim Erwin first came up to Tulsa from Belieze to learn how we refurbish computers, he took that knowledge back to Belize and set up classes in the Belieze Bible and Trade School and taught computer repair to the Beliezians. He said that when they graduated from his classes they could go out and get some of the best paying jobs in the country, since there was such a shortage of people that knew how to work on computers. I wish there was some way we could get someone from Afganistan (and from Iraq) to come over to the US for a few days to learn how we refurbish machines in HelpingTulsa, and we could then give them a Road Warrior to take back to use to refurbish old computers there, and at the same time teach people how to repair computers
Now, many older people with a university education are taking english and computer classes to keep their position at work, or to gain a better job. In some English classes there are young boys and and girls learning English next to adult men and women; age is no factor in education and learning. Some people think it's strange for a 45 year old man to learn English. I personally think education is important for every age; there is no age limit for education.

Many new and modern markets have been built in downtown Kabul. Some of these markets are from 8 to 12 floors high. At some of these markets you can find clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. Other markets specialize in motor parts, electronics, and computer parts. A few markets are very modern and famous in Kabul City. The most famous market is named "Roshan City Tower", Kabul City Center; which was inaugurated last month, and its the biggest one. Here you will find internet facilities with power 24 hours a day and lift facilities. The reconstruction process is going a bit slow - this is because of Afghanistan's still-weak economy. The Kabul-Kandahar Motorway is a big sucess in construction here in Afghanistan. Almost 50% of the construction work of the Kabul Paktia Motorway is complete. This motorway is very important for tansportation between Kabul and the southern provinces of Afghanistan. Work on the Kabul-Jalalabad motorway is also in progress. According to planning officials, the work on this project will be completed in 2007. We are making progress in every field, but it will take time to reconstruct our entire beautiful country.

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