Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Evolution lacks fossil link

USAToday reports The campaign to eliminate God from the public forum has been going on for decades, having accelerated greatly since the Supreme Court's ill-advised decision in 1963 to eliminate prayer from public schools. And I believe those fighting against the teaching of intelligent design in schools have an ulterior motive to eliminate references to God from the entire public forum.

Precisely. It is not because ID disproves Evolution. ID allows hat evolution might well have been one of the tools the Intelligent Designer used. It only disputes the Secular Humanist interpretation of Evolution.
The argument over classroom discussion of evolution vs. divine design is just the latest attack on everything that would mention a belief in God. If you talk against Darwinian evolution in the classroom, you immediately incur the rage of those who don't want God discussed in any way, shape or form.
That is because the Public Schools have violated the First Amendment and established Secular Humanism as the official religion of the Public School system.
These vehement critics claim that there are mountains of scientific proof that man evolved from some lower species also related to apes. But in this tremendous effort to support Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, in all these "mountains of information," there has not been any scientific fossil evidence linking apes to man. The trouble with the "missing link" is that it is still missing! In fact, the whole fossil chain that could link apes to man is also missing! The theory of evolution, which states that man evolved from some other species, has more holes in it than a crocheted bathtub. I realize that is a dramatic statement, so to be clear, let me restate: There is zero scientific fossil evidence that demonstrates organic evolutionary linkage between primates and man.
True, but the Secular Left does not want to admit it.
Darwin's famous The Origin of Species concludes that over eons of time, and through countless mutations, man evolved from an ape-like ancestor. It takes an enormous leap of faith (oh my, there's one of those terrible religious words!) to conclude that man evolved from ape without any empirical fossil evidence.
The only faith the Secular Left has is a faith in science, and science is not supposed to work on faith; it is supposed to work on proof.
Teaching evolution is really about the determined drive by activists to eliminate any reference to an intelligent power in the universe. That said, could it be that the reason they can't find the missing link is that human evolution didn't happen at all?
Possibly. That is certainly what the Creationists believe. The Intelligent Designers accept that God may have used Evolution as a part of creation, but that He may have used other tools as well. And students should be taught all three.
John Cole blogged Why the hell was this crap even in USA Today? It is utter specious bullshit, and has been debunked so many times it gets silly. First, the fact that it is extremely amazing that fossils even exist at all, given the conditions required for them to be formed.
yet we seem to have so many fossils, except for that missing link.
And Chris Mooney blogged More generally, while the op-ed page may be the place for airing a range of opinions, it is emphatically not the place for the airing of falsehoods and misinformation.
I dont fault them from reporting on Evolution, even though it has a lot of falsehoods and misinformation, but I am happy they balanced it with the truth.
This is a classic example of "balance" run amuck.

Kevin Drum blogged When USA Today runs an article on September 26th about the 100th anniversary of the Theory of Relativity, as I hope they do, will they feel obligated to print a rebuttal from one of the many crackpots on the web who say that Einstein was wrong? I suspect not. Why then, do they feel the same need with evolution, which, if anything, rests on a more solid evidentiary foundation than relativity?

It's a mystery. Perhaps in the future, instead of reporting on actual science, USA Today will simply take a poll and publish one of its cute graphics telling us what the majority of the citizenry believes. Then we can teach that in our public schools instead of just parroting the politically correct line from the liberal elites in our scientific establishment.
It would be useful to know what the majority thinks, and it would be even more useful to teach that instead of the politically correct line from the liberal elites.
Happy days!

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