Friday, August 12, 2005

Police in 'Muslim' ribbon gesture

BBC reported Police in Nottinghamshire are being given green ribbons to show solidarity with the Muslim community after a rise in racist attacks. The "Good Faith" ribbon is being backed by chief constable Steve Green.

I think this is a good idea, but are the ribbons green because some Muslim flags are green, or because the Chief Constable's name is Green?
Racially motivated attacks in the county have doubled since the attacks on the 7 July, according to figures from Victim Support. Twenty thousand of the ribbons have been made to symbolise belief in Muslims as a people of peace. Mr Green said: "We have a huge number of Muslim citizens in Nottinghamshire who are just going around trying to do their everyday business. "But they feel intimidated and sometimes ostracised by racist incidents and by the perception that the white community suspects everybody with a brown face of being a suicide bomber.
Hopefully this will encourage moderate Muslims to help expose extremists in their midst.
"Many people feel fully supportive of the Muslim communities but have no way of showing it and this is a way of allowing them to do that."

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