Thursday, August 11, 2005

Air America, part II: Good shots, all

Melanie Sill, Executive Editor of The News Observer blogged Thanks for all the interest: sarcasm and barbs duly recorded. Let me clarify: I found the same stories on Air America that you all mention a couple days ago in Internet searches and by using Factiva, a paid service we use for research. I've asked the Associated Press to move a story and mentioned the interest among some local readers. So far this investigation has been reported as a local story in New York.

It may be considered a local story by the MSM, but it has significant importance to more than just NY.
To publish stories from other publications, we must have rights to them through the news services to which we subscribe.
Could you not do your own story reporting what is being said on various blogs.
I don't feel overly defensive about this, so carry on. There are many, many stories in publications all over America that don't gain national distribution. The advantage of the Internet is that people can find these stories themselves, and of course point them out to us, which you all have.
And we appreciate your calling on the AP to do a story on it. Now let us see how good the journalists are at the AP, i.e. whether they will have the integrity to do a fair story on something the MSM would like to see buried.
Admin's note: The comment thread for this post has been disabled because of personal attacks against comment posters and false impersonation. Critical appraisal of the N&O is encouraged, but personal attacks are unacceptable.

I find it very encouraging that the Executive Editor of the News Observer is willing to host a blog, and I find it outrageous that posters would provide personal attacks on other comment posters.

Michelle Malkin blogged The New York Post reports this morning on a drastic shake-up at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, the Bronx non-profit charity ensnared in smelly "loan" schemes with the liberal Air America radio network. MIchelle also has a number of other links related to this story.

Leon H blogged Thanks largely to blogger coverage of this, Raleigh News Observer editor Melanie Sill is pushing the AP to do a story covering this. As I pointed out here, if there's one thing the media hates worse than Republicans, it's being left behind on a story that everyone else is covering. Once the momentum builds on a media swarm, you can bet that this is gonna snowball.

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