Thursday, August 11, 2005

Poll: Britons Support Multiculturalism

WaPo reports A majority of the British public believes that multiculturalism is good for the country despite last month's deadly bombings by radicals of the nation's Muslim community, according to a new BBC poll.

A majority of the British public are completely insane, according to a poll I conducted.
The poll showed that 62 percent of the general public and 87 percent of British Muslims surveyed had favorable views of multiculturalism.
I am not surprised that 87% of British Muslims feel that way, but the 62% of the British public that don't see what their liberal multiculturalism has done to them need to have their heads examined.
The presence of ethnic groups in Britain has been hotly debated since the July 7 subway and bus bombings that killed 56 people, including the four presumed bombers, and injured 700, followed by an unsuccessful second attack two weeks later. But the BBC poll suggested that the public had mixed feelings about such complex issues. While the survey was greeted by human rights activists and others as a reaffirmation of Britain's acceptance of cultural diversity, it also showed that about one-third of the general public felt multiculturalism to be a threat. In addition, 54 percent agreed that "parts of the country don't feel like Britain any more because of immigration." The poll, conducted by the Mori research organization for the BBC, questioned 1,004 people around the country, along with a separate survey of 204 British Muslims.

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