Sunday, August 07, 2005

Show me your ID

The Anchoress blogged I’ll never understand what is “so wrong” about asking the people going into the voting booth to show proof that they are who they say they are! I have to show ID to pay by check, to board a plane, but I should be able to cast my vote without demonstrating that I am entitled to? What nonsense. No, I’ll never understand it. But apparently Bill Clinton does understand it, and he thinks requiring voter ID is “just wrong.” That it creates hardships for people. Even if the state is offering to give folks free ID’s if they haven’t got ‘em! If you ask me, requiring ID before allowing folks to enter a voting booth only creates hardships for one category of folks: Democrat candidates.

It is much harder for the Dems to create voter fraud if all voters must show they are who they say they are, and without voter fraud, fewer Dems would get elected

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