Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Is the outrage unsustainable?

The Anchoress blogged I guess that “the paper of record” is going to get away with printing not a word - not a single word - concerning the misuse of public funds by Air America Radio, about whom they have written some 67 gushing articles. Twelve days into it, and the Times is still silent, and the blogosphere is, I think, getting weary of the topic.

The Times is never going to cover the Air America story. They are ticked off at Rush Limbaugh for giving conservatives a voice, and as a result they got the White House and both houses of Congress, and that really ticks the Rabid Left off. They will do anything they can to destroy Rush, and they will do anything they can to cover up for Air America, which they hope will become the Rush Limbaugh of the left.
Oh…but looky here…they are “incurious” about Air America’s fraud…but they’re covering Mrs. Sheehan. They think the President should be visiting more wounded (hint - he does, often) and going to funerals…although they don’t actually say how it should be determined which funeral he should attend, or how that makes anything better, since famillies without a Presidential attendance will feel slighted. They want him to have photo ops, but if he did they would castigate him for exploiting the soldiers…they want…they want…they just want Bush OUT of there, and someone they love back in power, that’s all! And nothing, nothing Bush can do would or could ever please them. And Mrs. Sheehan riding her “Impeachment Tour” bus…she’s their new heroine. Because, as we saw earlier this week, the NY Times Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11
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