Sunday, April 08, 2007

Belittling the faith

In an article in the New York Times about Pope Benedict XVI and the Roman Catholic Church on Easter, the article was called Keeping the Faith but the cover of the magazine was

Referring to the Pope as The Anti-Secularist is outrageous. It implies that Secularism is the preferred state that people should be in, and that a leader like the Pope is against that which is good. I am not a Catholic, but I take offense at that cover.


Anonymous said...

I am a Roman Catholic and although I respect the new pope, I don't think he will promote an increase in the Catholic faith. I was hoping for a pope who would be more modern, however, Pope Benedict is much like the last pope. They were very close. Pope Benedict is tough, and that is a good thing, but look at your followers. It gets harder and harder to be Catholic and follow the "rules".

Don Singleton said...

From what I understand as a non-Catholic, Pope Benedict, a fairly old man, was appointed specifically with the intention of continuing what John Paul II had started. I susect when he dies a younger pope will be selected, but if you are expecting that Cafeteria Catholicism will be approved, I suspect you will be disappointed.