Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Israel must make peace to coexist with Muslims

Ynetnews reported Jordan's King Abdullah said Tuesday that if Israel wanted to "coexist with a billion Muslims" worldwide, it must make peace.

Judiasm existed a long time before Muhammad even created Islam, and initially he tried to persuade both Jews and Christians that their religious documents fortold that he would be a prophet, but he never convinced them. When the British first decided to support a Jewish homeland in Palestine (the Balfour Declaration it was to include the land on both sides of the Jordan. In other words, the area called TransJordan, which became modern day Jordan, was originally supposed to be a part of the Jewish homeland. You were made King over TransJordan simply because they realized that Arabs were too greedy to be willing to live in a Jewish country, so two thirds of the land was given to you for all of the arabs, and Israel should have gotten all of the land west of the Jordan.

In addition, once Israel was created you and other arab countries attacked them. They won the war in 1948, and they won in 1967. Do you really want to fight them again?
The king told the French news agency that the Arabs have already expressed their desire for peace by accepting the Saudi peace initiative.

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Anonymous said...

The Saudi peace agreement is useless.

Certainly Israel will need to live peacefully with its Arab neighbors. But Israel is always asked to give up things for peace. When will the Arab world give anything for peace?

Asking for East_jerusalem as a capital has no foundation and will never happen. When Jordan controlled that area Jews were forbidden to enter and most of the Jewish religious buildings were destroyed!

Israel cannot allow the Arabs to return. Israel needs to maintain a significant advantage in population in order to maintaion a Jewish state. Allowing millions of Arabs, many who never lived in Plaestine before 1948, to live in Israel will be a recipie for its destruction as the single Jewish state.

Were I the leader of Israel I would demand concession for every Arab country first, and then sit down and talk.