Monday, April 09, 2007

SEAL's memorial within kids' view? Perfect spot

The Denver Post reported Maybe those parents offended by a proposed war memorial in Littleton believe that freedom can be defended using snappy bumper stickers. Luckily, Danny Dietz knew better. For now, despite the protestations of a handful of locals, the memorial to honor this Navy SEAL, Navy Cross winner and Colorado native killed after volunteering for action in Afghanistan will go on as scheduled.

Fantastic news. I could not believe those nut cases that opposed a war memorial because the man had a gun. How do they think wars are fought?
A wonderful statue of Dietz holding a rifle will be placed in the vicinity of schools and playgrounds - near many impressionable children. Really, there's no better spot for it. The more kids see it, the better..... Certainly, some of them live in a fantasy. Take for example the comment of one Ann Levy to a Post reporter. She believes that Dietz's sacrifice deserves a "peace dove instead." A peace dove ... You know what? When a dove can protect our children from religious fanatics who'd like to behead them, I'll visit the National Peace Dove Memorial.

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