Thursday, April 12, 2007

Free Thinkers

I am proud that Greta Perry of HooahWife has just nominated my blog for a Free Thinkers Award, and I thank her for the kind things she said about me, and also what Amy Proctor said.

Now I must come up with five other bloggers to nominate. Well one of them must be Greta's other blog Kiss My Gumbo, where she is teaching people in New Orleans area what blogging is all about.

Danny Carlton certainly merits a nomination, because I check out his site as soon as I have checked out HooahWife and Kiss My Gumbo

Deb and Cat, the two fine ladies at Elephant in My Coffee certainly have interesting thoughts to say, as does ...

Michael Bates of BatesLine, my fourth nominee. I always check Michael's site to see what is happening here in Tulsa, and his Newsgator has identified many of the items I have blogged about.

And how can I forget Betsy Newmark, an AP history and government teacher in Raleigh, NC that has a very interesting blog.


Anonymous said...

I went to the site but couldn't find any mention of the award or what it signifies. Most of the time the phrase "Free Thinker" is used by agnostics to label their perpetual skepticism. I know that's not what you're meaning by it, but I wanted to see what the originator of the award means by it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again - and I applaud all your other nominees. I don't read BEtsy - but I do read all the others. Dang - I have to think of 5 more!