Thursday, April 12, 2007

Give 'em a state!

In a post entitled "Give 'em a state!" Atlas Shrugs lists a bunch of links to various pages showing how the Palestinians love death. She has a valid point. Give them what they want, a state of their own. And then when that state declares war on Israel, do as even the UN must admit a state is entitled to do when another state declares war on the. Attack back. But don't just take control of the land and occupy it with the current residents in it. Do as they say they want to do. Push them into the sea. Push all of the arabs competely off the entire land west of the Jordan river. And if some other arab countries decide to join in with the war, take over their land as well. And tell the residents there that they can convert to Judism or to Christianity, or if they want to remain Muslims they must pay a special tax.

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