Saturday, April 14, 2007

Al Qaeda group claims Iraq parliament attack

Khaleej Times reported An alliance of Sunni groups headed by Al Qaeda in Iraq said in an Internet statement on Friday that it carried out a deadly suicide bomb attack inside the Iraqi parliament building. “After studying the area... a hero from the Islamic state of Iraq wearing an explosive belt infiltrated the apostates of the parliament. Allah used his hand to destroy the group of infidels,” the self-styled Islamic Nation of Iraq said in the Internet statement.

Which was it?
  1. a hero from the Islamic state of Iraq wearing an explosive belt
  2. Allah using his hand
Or is "a hero from the Islamic state of Iraq" the "hand of Allah", and is Allah nothing but a terrorist. And since he blew up, does that mean that Allah is now dead?
Thursday’s bombing killed one parliamentarian and wounded 22 other people in the legislature’s cafeteria, the US military said on Friday, revising the previous day’s toll down from eight reported dead and 23 wounded. “The right to legislate belongs to God alone, and whoever disputes that is an apostate.
Does Allah have a one house legislature, or does "he" have a House and a Senate? And who can veto "his" laws, and can "he" override the veto? When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments He wrote them with his mighty finger on tablets of stone. How does Allah document his legislations?
The members of parliament deserve only death,” the Internet statement said. “We delayed the announcement (claiming the bombing) to enable our men to withdraw,”
Why? Couldn't Allah protect them, if they were really doing what he wanted?
it added, also threatening to launch “more violent attacks.”

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