Friday, December 01, 2006

Obama is going to go for it

Lynn Sweet wrote in Chicago Sun Times

Bottom line: I think Sen. Barack Obama, who is seriously considering a run for president, is going to jump into the 2008 race.
No one knows what he stands for, but there are many that think he can give Hillary a lot of trouble, because he will pretend to be a centrist, just as she does. She has enough money that she will win the nomination, and she will probably pick this black man with just two year's experience as her VP candidate. I still don't think she can be elected, but we really need to try to urge Condi to get in the race. If she runs, Condi could destroy a Clinton/Obama team.
I predict the freshman Illinois Democrat will announce near the end of this year or the beginning of 2007, sometime after he returns from a holiday break in his native Hawaii.


Chris said...

Rudy will probably be the Republican nominee. He'll destroy Hillary, and Hillary knows it. There's a growing consensus that she'll back off and let Obama get destroyed instead.

But Obama would turn around and pick Hilly as the VP, in some sort of incestuous deal. That would force Rudy to bypass Jeb and pick Condi. At least that's my guess.

A. Trendl, editor, said...

Hillary is not dead weight, but she is only a campaign voice now. She is famous enough to throw her weight around at big money luncheons, and give her speech. She is too polarizing to do anything else.

She might campaign to draw in liberal votes, them through them to Obama who can play the centrist game.

We like Obama here in Illinois. Few have been as effective as he is in bringing Fed money. He is green enough to think he is not being run around by the system, yet ingrained enough to get us what we want.

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