Monday, November 27, 2006

Glamorization of Islam's submission of women

Fausta blogged Now here's the latest trend: Marie Claire's Mecca Stars, a.k.a. the glamorization of Islam's submission of women. Debbie Schlussel has all the photos from the spread, and comments.... Considering how Islam tells men to beat their wives into submission, it's hardly surprising that the first page of the spread highlights an S&M item.... The photo spread shows the glamour of eating a burger under your veil at McDonald's. Irony? Humor? Of just good ole cluelessness on Marie Claire's part?.... On page 143, one of the "stars" is shown behind the wheel: To the Arabs, Women Driving Cars Is a Sinful Thing. The babe in the photo must be daydreaming, much like a little kid who sneaks behind the wheel of his dad's car wishing he could actually drive it.

I guess if you are rich enough with oil money, you can pay for things like this for your many wives to wear, in private of course.

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