Friday, December 01, 2006

Caught cheatin' ... on ethics test

New York Daily News Columbia University officials are lowering the boom on some graduate journalism students suspected of cheating on, of all things, an ethics exam.

Sometimes I think Journalism and Ethics are mutually exclusive properties, but cheating on an ethics exam is definitely not good.
The J-schoolers' alleged lapse on the final was reported yesterday by Radar Online. The exam in question consisted of two essay questions to be completed in 90 minutes any time during a 36-hour period.
That is the stupidest test I have ever heard of. They were practically asking for people to cheat. In fact, maybe that was the real test.
Students who took the test early were instructed to avoid discussing the questions with those planning to take it later, but the warning was ignored. One honorable young scholar got wind of what happened and blew the whistle, sources said.

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