Sunday, November 26, 2006

Erabia - Myth or Future

Ralph Peters wrote in New York Post A rash of pop prophets tell us that Muslims in Europe are reproducing so fast and European societies are so weak and listless that, before you know it, the continent will become "Eurabia," with all those topless gals on the Riviera wearing veils. Well, maybe not.

They are certainly leaning that way. There are already 751 areas in France where the authorities are afraid to go.
The notion that continental Europeans, who are world-champion haters, will let the impoverished Muslim immigrants they confine to ghettos take over their societies and extend the caliphate from the Amalfi Coast to Amsterdam has it exactly wrong. The endangered species isn't the "peace loving" European lolling in his or her welfare state, but the continent's Muslims immigrants - and their multi-generation descendents - who were foolish enough to imagine that Europeans would share their toys.
They don't want to share the European's toys, they want to take the toys away from them.
In fact, Muslims are hardly welcome to pick up the trash on Europe's playgrounds.
They don't want to pick up trash. They want to be paid for not picking up the trash (socialism), and yet permitted to do things their way (Sharia law) in areas they control.
Don't let Europe's current round of playing pacifist dress-up fool you: This is the continent that perfected genocide and ethnic cleansing, the happy-go-lucky slice of humanity that brought us such recent hits as the Holocaust and Srebrenica. The historical patterns are clear: When Europeans feel sufficiently threatened - even when the threat's concocted nonsense - they don't just react, they over-react with stunning ferocity.
But do they feel sufficiently threatened over something that is not concocted?
One of their more-humane (and frequently employed) techniques has been ethnic cleansing. And Europeans won't even need to re-write "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" with an Islamist theme - real Muslims zealots provide Europe's bigots with all the propaganda they need. Al Qaeda and its wannabe fans are the worst thing that could have happened to Europe's Muslims. Europe hasn't broken free of its historical addictions - we're going to see Europe's history reprised on meth.

The year 1492 wasn't just big for Columbus. It's also when Spain expelled its culturally magnificent Jewish community en masse - to be followed shortly by the Moors, Muslims who had been on the Iberian Peninsula for more than 800 years.
The Muslims remember that, and that is why they wish to reclaim land they feel is "theirs".
Jews got the boot elsewhere in Europe, too - if they weren't just killed on the spot. When Shakespeare wrote "The Merchant of Venice," it's a safe bet he'd never met a Jew. The Chosen People were long-gone from Jolly Olde England. From the French expulsion of the Huguenots right down to the last century's massive ethnic cleansings, Europeans have never been shy about showing "foreigners and subversives" the door.

And Europe's Muslims don't even have roots, by historical standards. For the Europeans, they're just the detritus of colonial history. When Europeans feel sufficiently provoked and threatened - a few serious terrorist attacks could do it - Europe's Muslims will be lucky just to be deported. Sound impossible? Have the Europeans become too soft for that sort of thing? Has narcotic socialism destroyed their ability to hate? Is their atheism a prelude to total surrender to faith-intoxicated Muslim jihadis? The answer to all of the above questions is a booming "No!"
Let us hope not.
The Europeans have enjoyed a comfy ride for the last 60 years - but the very fact that they don't want it to stop increases their rage and sense of being besieged by Muslim minorities they've long refused to assimilate (and which no longer want to assimilate).

We don't need to gloss over the many Muslim acts of barbarism down the centuries to recognize that the Europeans are just better at the extermination process. From the massacre of all Muslims and Jews (and quite a few Eastern Christians) when the Crusaders reached Jerusalem in 1099 to the massacre of all the Jews in Buda (not yet attached to Pest across the Danube) when the "liberating" Habsburg armies retook the citadel at the end of the 17th century, Europeans have just been better organized for genocide.

It's the difference between the messy Turkish execution of the Armenian genocide and the industrial efficiency of the Holocaust. Hey, when you love your work, you get good at it. Far from enjoying the prospect of taking over Europe by having babies, Europe's Muslims are living on borrowed time. When a third of French voters have demonstrated their willingness to vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front - a party that makes the Ku Klux Klan seem like Human Rights Watch - all predictions of Europe going gently into that good night are surreal.

I have no difficulty imagining a scenario in which U.S. Navy ships are at anchor and U.S. Marines have gone ashore at Brest, Bremerhaven or Bari to guarantee the safe evacuation of Europe's Muslims.
After 9/11, I have a little difficulty imagining that scenario.
After all, we were the only ones to do anything about the slaughter of Muslims in the Balkans. And even though we botched it, our effort in Iraq was meant to give the Middle East's Muslims a last chance to escape their self-inflicted misery.

And we're lucky. The United States attracts the quality. American Muslims have a higher income level than our national average. We hear about the handful of rabble-rousers, but more of our fellow Americans who happen to be Muslims are doctors, professors and entrepreneurs. And the American dream is still alive and well, thanks: Even the newest taxi driver stumbling over his English grammar knows he can truly become an American.

But European Muslims can't become French or Dutch or Italian or German. Even if they qualify for a passport, they remain second-class citizens. On a good day. And they're supposed to take over the continent that's exported more death than any other?

All the copy-cat predictions of a Muslim takeover of Europe not only ignore history and Europe's ineradicable viciousness, but do a serious disservice by exacerbating fear and hatred. And when it comes to hatred, trust me: The Europeans don't need our help. The jobless and hopeless kids in the suburbs may burn a couple of cars, but we'll always have Paris.
Do we? 9 of the 751 No Go Zones are in Paris.
Blue Crab blogged How's that for a troubling view of the outcome? It remains to be seen if Peters is correct and folks like Mark Steyn have it wrong. But Peters has a point. There is a very long history of that sort of response in Europe. And Peters also points out that one third of French voters have supported Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front party. That the National Front party is extreme in its anti-immigrant stance is to put it very mildly indeed.

Marc Schulman blogged The question isn't which would you rather have happen—it's which do you think will happen. Personally, I'd put my money on Peters. What about you?

Mark Steyn wrote If you measure the births of the Muslim world against the dearth of Bishop Kate's Episcopalians, you have the perfect snapshot of why there is no "stability": With every passing month, there are more Muslims and fewer Episcopalians, and the Muslims export their manpower to Europe and other depopulating outposts of the West. It's the intersection of demography and Islamism that makes time a luxury we can't afford.

Kim Priestap blogged The blogosphere is somewhat abuzz about Mark Steyn's and Ralph Peters' dueling columns today. One the one hand, Mr. Steyn's article is about the direction we are heading with Muslims out-reproducing Christians, particularly in Europe.

Ralph Peters, however, disagree whole heartedly with Mark's argument that continuing trends will cause us to someday have Eurabia replacing Europe. Mr. Peters argues that Europeans are just as good at genocide today as they have been in centuries past, and that they will, Mr. Peters is sure of this, resort to genocide once again if pushed.

Both possible futures are so depressing. I'll take what's behind curtain number three, Monty. Be sure to read Mark Steyn response to Ralph's article at Power Line.


Anonymous said...

As a Dutchman I noticed the remarks of Ralph Peters, which are very strange and shows an absolute unfamiliar knowledge of the history of Europe and the role of America.
And it is a pity indeed because I would not put a dime on Peters. A pity since Europe needs an answer to the oil blackmail and the France Eurabia doctrine.
And knowing the role of Europe in the light of the Dar al-harb with the socialist support it is a pity that we do not have the ability to say to this fascist ideology followers this is the line, no further otherwise you can go out.
The American readers of this nonsense should know that the jails are filled with Islamic followers, but also welfare is used by the Islamic people far more than the original Europeans and also the other social security support.
Another aspect of the remark of Mr. Peters is his remarks about the previous Yugoslavia, let it be clear that the Americans had an agenda to destroy Yugoslavia and the Serbs had to take the blame. The lies America has seen and heard from this president Clinton were complete, it is a pity that America supported the previous supporters of Hitler like Izetbegovic. This Mr. Peters does not know his history, that’s a pity.

Anonymous said...

I am what the Dutch call an "allochtoon" This is their way of calling me a nigger even though I am genetically white.
The far right anti-immigrant parties here in holland, also get about 30% of the votes, similar to france. There are educated and popular far right politicians like Verdonk and Wilders, people who would deport their own mothers if they were muslim.
I very much agree with Ralph Peters 's comments. Not one dutchmen would help us escape genocide, they proved it in the Srebrenica massacre.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kahraman,
The massacre in Srebrenica is on of the many lies of the "war" in Yugoslavia and lies are acceptable in the Dar al-harb. I personally would help people who wants to leave the fascist ideology of Islam.
And you are right in the Netherlands they use the word “allochtoon” for people who are not an Dutchmen from origin. Just like my wife, she is called an “allochtoon” and is discriminated for that. But here greatest resentment is that with this one word she is put in one line with islamic people, people who do not want to integrate in the Dutch culture and dislike the country they life in. A country they would like to change.
And for the record I voted Wilders