Monday, November 27, 2006

The War on Terror's Newest Combatant

American Thinker reported Things are getting positively biblical in the War on Terror’s African front. According to Agence France Presse, Ethiopia is about to attack the Somali Islamists single-handed, on their own hook, and with assistance from nobody. On Thursday Prime Minister Meles Zenawi told the Ethiopian parliament that the Islamists represented “a clear threat to Ethiopia” and that the government had “completed the preparations” for full-scale war. The Islamists, who triggered the crisis by declaring Jihad on the Ethiopians, have (of all possible moves) turned to the United States for mediation.

AFAIK, Ethopia does not have any troops in Afganistan, and have nothing to do with Israel or the War in Iraq, so the Islamists cannot use any of that as an excuse for their declaring Jihad on a neighbor.

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Anonymous said...

Ethiopia has been a victim of terroristic acts by Somali terrorists for the last few years. It has not grabbed the world's attention because this region is mostly ignored by the international media. The somali terrorists need to be stopped.It's about time.