Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Did the Pope threaten a Muslim?

Robert Spencer identified inshallahshaheed as a Jihadist Website. As an example it blogged

The Pope recently made some statements in public; amongst his words, he said,
“The best way forward is via authentic dialogue between Christians and Muslims, based on truth and inspired by a sincere wish to know one another better, respecting differences and recognizing what we have in common.”
Sorry Pope, no can do.

Firstly, since you said, “based on the truth” we take that as based on Islam since Christianity is false and has become a man-made religion through its changing of the Bible; and many Bible Scholars admit this.
I am not aware of any Bible Scholars that say Christianity is false. When Mohammad invented Islam he took a lot from Judiasm and Christianity, but he warped Christianity into saying that Jesus was just a Prophet, so that he could appear to be better than Him because he was later. But it is interesting that being later is not always what Muslims want, because they despise the Baha'i
Most Muslims already know who you Christians are; you are a people that worship the wrong god, and many of you ascribe Prophet Jesus (‘alayhis salaam) as a son unto Allah
It was the angel Gabriel, sent by God, that first said he was the Son of God
– and Allah is free of all what you ascribe unto Him! Does God really need a son? How can God be the ‘All-Mighty’ and ‘All-Powerful’ when He needs a son?
There is a difference between needing a Son and having one.
How can God be self-sufficient when He needs a son? And some of you will say, “But we don’t say God needs a son, we only say that He has a son…” – and this is a clear statement of your backwardness and ignorance. If God doesn’t need a son, then you need to become Muslim since we believe God doesn’t need anything but that everything and everyone needs Him Alone.
Do you have a son? If so do you need him?. Would you be weaker if you did not have your son?
What kind of religion is this where even your basic foundation of the faith is irrational?!
You consider our faith irrational. Is it any more irrational than one where a merciful God creatrs the whole world and everything in it, and then tells one guy to lead others to kill people that do not believe as he does. That is not something God would do; that is the work of Satan.
We are not talking about a side issue or an issue for Scholarly debate or an issue of jurisprudence; we are talking about what your basic creed stands upon.
You are the one with a shaky basis for a creed.
Your creed stands on nothing but false whims and desires; if God doesn’t need a son, then what’s the point of ascribing a son unto Him? And if you say, “Because God said so…” then what a backwards religion indeed when you say that God doesn’t need something but you still ascribe something to Him that He doesn’t need.
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Islam is straightforward and simple Tawheed (monotheism; pure oneness of Allah); we ascribe no partners unto Allah, nor is there a middle-man between us and Allah since Allah is All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Encompassing, as well as ninety-six other names/attributes.

Secondly, you used the words, “authentic dialogue” - and there will never be an “authentic dialogue” until we, Muslims, have a Caliphate.
Why can you not talk without a Caliphate?
It’ll most probably come from either Afghanistan or ‘Iraq since events are quickly unfolding in the favor of the Muslims and Islam. Also, you will never have a proper dialogue with Muslims who hate to talk about Jihad and al-Walaa wal Baraa (loving and hating for the sake of Allah).

Thirdly, we intend to establish a global Islamic Caliphate since this was the mission of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam). So respecting differences and all this fancy talk will not save you from paying Jizyah. All Praise and Thanks be to Allah that many Muslims are aware of your deception and cozying-up with the Muslims; if you want to be like us, why don’t you just tell us?
Why would one want to be murdering savages, like you. We want to tell you about how you can have eternal life, without having to blow yourself up, killing innocents. The Quran says where such people end up: Surat an-Nisa,093 (Quran 4.93) says "If a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (For ever): And the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a dreadful penalty is prepared for him."


Anonymous said...

Don, for all your criticism of the Pope, what do you propose? Do you remember Jesus at the well with the woman? He dealt with her as a woman who "worshipped what you do not know" and won her over. The Pope as the main representative of the Church, more importantly as Christ to the world, has an obligation to honor the dignity of others. He's made it abundantly clear that violence in religion is opposed to the will of God. That really is his goal, not to convert the unconvertable, but to protect minority Christians in these Muslim countries. He can only do this by appealing to the respectibility of Muslims, and to their human sensibilities.

Islam is far more complex than Americans get. The Pope is a theologian and religious scholar. When he talks about "based on truth", you have to acknowledge that Muslims and Jews, therefore Christians, share the same Father in Faith: Abraham. Ishmael and Isaac share the same father.

There are passages in the Old Testament that are equally distrubing. Stoning children or women who've committed adultery, killing the enemy down to women, children and pets?

The Koran is warped, no doubt. Islam is a false religion and Mohammed a false prophet. The Pope cannot sit idly by while Muslims kill minority Christians because he won't be dipolomatic. It is up to military opponents of dangerous Islamic states to do that. The Pope must appeal to the Muslim sense of humanity and common bond through Abraham to help protect and care for Christians in these regions.

The Church cannot kill them, so we must live with them.There is no other way to do this but the way the Pope is going about it. You see what criticism gets you; murdered nuns. How is that productive?

You also don't understand that there is an 85% moderate Muslim population. The idea is to isolate the extremists and win the moderates. Moderate Muslims know that religious violence is in opposition to Islam, even though Judiasm you coudl say is a peaceful religion but calls for the "smiting of our enemies" and stoning of its own infidels. You have to maintain the context.

There is no point in poining out theological differences with these Muslims. They will not convert to Christianity, Christians will not cnovert to Islam. The Pope's point is to bring about dialogue that will protect the lives of Christians who are being marginalized at best, violated at worst. He has not backed down from his quote of the Byzantine emperor because he knows the quote is correct.

I wish Protestants could see the wisdom of this Pope. He may be the best Pope in many decades, promoting Intelligent Design and Creation over evolution, life over abortion, etc., etc. He knows what he's talking about when it comes to these religions. He is literally risking his life in Turkey for the sake of the Gospel, to bring Christ to the Christians there, bring reconciliation to the splintered Church and an olive branch to religious opponents.

What did Jesus say on the cross? Curse them all! No, it was "Forgive them, Father, for they don't know what they're doing." This is what the Holy Father is doing in Turkey.

Muslims consider our faith irrational. So? We consider there's irrational. And false. Let's face it, we consider them infidels.

Anonymous said...

Muslims consider our faith irrational. So? We consider THEIR'S irrational. And false. Let's face it, we consider them infidels.

Don Singleton said...

Don, for all your criticism of the Pope, what do you propose?

Amy, where was I critical of the Pope? I am not a Catholic, but I have great respect for the Pope and Catholics, as I do for my friends who are Jewish. I posted some rantings from a site Robert Spencer identified as a Jihadist Website, and then proceeded to fisk each point he made, but that does not mean I agreed with his points. My comments (in bold) certainly don't show that.

There are passages in the Old Testament that are equally distrubing. Stoning children or women who've committed adultery, killing the enemy down to women, children and pets?

Most of those OT references were to what happened, not what God ordered to happen. And when He did indicate that some group was to be attacked, He specified the group, it was not anyone that opposed what any "Prophet" thought.

Anonymous said...

Don, the format is confusing. Redirect my comments to inshallahsheed in that case. I hope you don't think I was chewing you out; I was meerly pointing out what I think the Pope is doing and how it relates to the Turkish visit.