Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sans title, DeLay still has power

The Hill reports Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) is no longer an official member of the Republican leadership, but you would never know it by watching him. DeLay still occupies the majority leader’s ceremonial office just off the House floor, and last Friday he was involved in intense discussions with reluctant Republicans on the floor before GOP leaders eked out a victory on a bill giving U.S. oil refineries incentives to expand.

And that ticks off the Dems, who had hoped to get rid of him with a trumped up inditement
While the former majority leader appears unmoved by his diminished stature, other rank-and-file Republicans are much less comfortable with the interim leadership structure. Most members are content to leave Washington this year without enduring an open scramble to replace DeLay or a reshuffling of the leadership team,
Since there is a very good chance he will deal with the inditement very soon.
but there is growing anxiety throughout the conference about the current direction of the party and whether this leadership team is properly positioned to execute its goals.

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