Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bombs at Universities

Michelle Malkin reported on Bombs found at Georgia Tech

Recall an earlier post of mine wondering why Oklahoma City seemed to be covering up Joel Hinrichs's connection to the Middle East, and were just calling it a suicide. Michell points out that Mark Tapscott's reported that Joel Hinrichs' car contained "13 plastic bottles" in the trunk, and Michelle has a number of other good links about this situation.

Professor Stephen Bainbridge notes that UCLA's Daily Bruin newspaper is reporting that an explosive device was found last Friday in an apartment complex near campus that is home to many students

Jason wonders Is This the Great Ramadan Offensive?

The Anchoress has some good links as well, and says bombs appearing on college campuses are cause for real alarm, particularly since we don’t even know how many are serious “terrorist” events and how many or sick “copycat” situations. Really, there is not distinction. Planting bombs, whether you attach them to a creed or an ideology or not, is still terrorism.

Colleges have always been liberal bastions, willing to embrace any philosophy other than Conservatism and Christianity, and a lot of Islamofascists have entered the country under Student Visas, so I am very concerned at this rash of bombings.


AThird said...

Wassup? There's been arrest made with the GA Tech bombings.... suspect has confressed, name has not been released. Police now believe that it was a prank, not terrorist act...waiting for further developments.

Don Singleton said...

I am glad that the GA Tech bombing was not a terrorist act, but that still does not answer the situation at OU, or elsewhere