Saturday, October 15, 2005

13 vs 347

Dirty Harry blogged 13 vs 347 - That's the difference between now and January. That's how much better things have gotten. During the Iraq elections last January there were 347 terrorist attacks on voters and polling places. Today there were 13.

It was a glorious day for Democracy in Iraq
I heard this on FOX. I haven't watched the other networks but it will be interesting to see if they report something this signifigant as widely as they do yet another single insignifigant, albeit tragic, car bombing. The liberals are upset today.
Both they, and the MSM, would have much preferred a civil war.
They discovered once again the Iraqi people agree with Bush: That their freedom is worth fighting and dying for. And they proved it by risking death to make a statement. They proved it by creating a remarkable Constitution in ten months -- when it took us years.
And we did not have a super power helping us maintain security, and advising us on how to do it.
The Iraqi people are our allies in the War on Terror. And judging by their grit, restraint in the face of violence for a bigger cause, and bravery, we are lucky to have them. Sorry, liberals, no Civil War here. Move on. Nothing to see. Maybe elsewhere you can propagandize on behalf of mass murderers to hurt the Bush administration, but not in Iraq. Not in Iraq.

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