Monday, October 10, 2005

Arab League Helping???

IraqTheModel blogged The league of Arab tyrants, er I mean countries has sent delegates to Iraq to prepare for the expected visit of the secretary general of the league Amr Mousa. The announced purpose of the Mousa’s visit is to arrange for a national “reconciliation” conference supposedly in order to bridge the gap between different factions of Iraqi community....

I suspect the "reconciliation" is an attempt to disrupt the move to Democracy
I don’t know whose idea was it to invite the league into Iraq but it was a very dumb idea, that’s what I’m sure of; this league can do nothing good for Iraq and actually I’d prefer they leave us alone or even kick us out of their league of corruption and tyranny. Iraq now isn’t qualified to be a member of the league (in the league’s standards of qualifications; that’s being pan-Arab fascists ruled by a mentally retarded sociopath) and I hope we don’t get qualified at all.

Can anyone tell me how are we supposed to believe that the ones who caused the trouble in the first place have the intention to help solve it now? I don’t think the league is the least sad about the bad things happening in Iraq, I actually can pictures them laughing and celebrating each and every death in Iraq and they keep pouring more doom and gloom into the scene as that is what they really want to see. And I have what supports this attitude; since April 2003 and even long time before that, all Arab regimes (except for Kuwait) stood against toppling Saddam, of course not out of care for the Iraqi people but out of fear from seeing the same scenario happen again in their countries. We have a saying here that goes like this “if you see your neighbor’s bear being shaved, spray water on yours”.... Arabs have showed Iraq’s case to the public in a mutilated way and they sent murderers to kill us and recruited every terrorist against us and now comes the tyrants’ clown to say that he wants to help draw Iraq’s future. To hell with a future and a “reconciliation” planned by Mousa.

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