Friday, October 14, 2005

Iraq Insurgents Attack Sunni Party Office

Yahoo! News Sunni insurgents launched five attacks against the largest Sunni Arab political party on the eve of Iraq's crucial referendum Friday, bombing and burning offices and the home of one of its leaders in retaliation after the group dropped its opposition to the draft constitution.

Killing your own people because of what they said; that is a good way to get the people to support you. NOT!!!
The reprisals came as Sunni and Shiite clerics gave their last advice to their followers in sermons during weekly Friday prayers — a key political platform. Shiite imams transmitted the word of the majority community's most powerful cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani: Go to the polls and vote "yes." The message among the Sunni Arab minority was more muddled after the Iraqi Islamic Party threw its support to the constitution after last minutes amendments were made to the draft in an attempt to assuage Sunni objections ahead of Saturday's referendum. In Tikrit, addam Hussein's hometown north of Baghdad, the preacher at the main mosque denounced the Islamic Party, saying it "broke the nationalist ranks in return for nothing."
Actually the got quite a lot. The Sunnis were stupid to boycott the eletions in January. They now have the ability to vote in December and modify aspects they dont like. What does a 20% minority expect.
Sheik Rasheed Yousif al-Khishman told worshippers at Tikrit's al-Raheem mosque to vote against the "infidel constitution written by foreign hands."
Actually the Constitution was written by Iraqi that were elected in January. The "foreign hands" persuaded them to make changes to give Sunnis elected in December to seek changes.
Mosques throughout the town told people to cast "no" votes and warned "anyone who does not go to the polls is not considered a Sunni."

CQ blogged My prediction is that the constitution will only lose in the Baghdad province, and otherwise find overwhelming acceptance nationwide with a voter turnout of over 10 million.

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