Friday, April 06, 2007

Fred Thompson Leads Poll

Survey Results The eleventh week of the Pajamas Media Presidential Straw Poll has officially begun.

You may vote once a week, using the voting startionat the top of the right column of this blog.
The tenth week saw a large shift in the poll. On the Republican side, newcomer Fred Thompson emerged in first with 34.9% followed by Ron Paul at 29.00%. Previous winner Rudy Giuliani fell back to third with 12.7%. (On the Democratic side, results remained the same: Bill Richardson far ahead of runner-up Barack Obama. What does the ascendancy of Fred Thompson and Ron Paul mean? Is this an Internet (early adopter) harbinger of things to come? In the case of Thompson, we think this is indeed a possibility. The former Tennessee senator-slash-prosecutor-slash-movie-and-television-star has… despite being undeclared … fared quite well on other polls. On the latest Fox News Poll he is ahead of the declared Romney and the undeclared Gingrich, ditto on the Gallup Poll.

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Anonymous said...

The upcoming presidential election should bring out all the wannabees to the surface. Of course, the standouts will be the ones we are watching the most. If you ask me, this election has more to do with the "war", than anything else. Guiliani, Hillary, and Obama, the names we hear most often, will put up the fight of their lives. The others just pull votes away from them. The fact that Guiliani wants to put his wife, or maybe allow his wife Judy to attend his cabinet meetings, is quite a jolt, AND, John Edwards coming out of the cancer closet, using his wife as bait for sympathy, really doesn't sit well with me. As far as I'm comcerned, do you really think anyone who will become president, will actually do face value to their word? It is an interesting crew of people I must say. And by the way, will Mr. Clinton, who has so much experience, in every way, go to Hillary's cabinet meetings, should she be elected? I guess he would not chose to be the overshadow man, since everyone I know seems to be interested in whatever he is doing. Election brings all kinds of promises, but are they kept?