Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dutch people united

Zacht Ei reported Dutch people united in their defense of freedom of speech

According to a survey by Dutch tv channel RTL a staggering number of 84 percent feels that Ayaan Hirsi Ali should film Submission part II. Yes, that's staggering. The same survey concluded that only 36 percent of the Dutch have positive feelings towards the film (43 percent neutral, 20 percent negative). 88 percent of those questioned think the film should be allowed under the principle of freedom of the press (so there's apparently at least 4 percent of the Dutch population that feels the film should not be made, but think it should be allowed anyway. Odd.).

Andrew Stuttaford blogged on The Corner at NRO That’s right: they don’t particularly like the idea of the film, but they think that it should be made. That’s called freedom, or, as a number of EU governments prefer to call it, “provocation”.

Or maybe it is just a matter of the Dutch thinking the Muslims have gone too far with their reaction to the 12 cartoons, and they now favor seeing a movie made that they have no intention of seeing, just because it will tick off the Muslims, and why they have decided to start serving pork in school lunches, despite what the Muslims think.

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