Monday, February 06, 2006


SitePoint blogged Amazon is apparently looking into the feasibility of starting their own ad network like Adsense.... When I first heard about this I thought it’d be Amazon product listings displayed in an Adsense-like way and I figured it’d analyze your content for for products to serve, but they’d be Amazon products. Turns out I was wrong, they want their own contextual advertising network.....
This is interesting. I can't check it out, because I am a member of the Pajamas Media blogs, and cannot host any ads other than theirs, but other blogs that are not a part of Pajamas Media might want to check it out.
The fact is that while Amazon has a high gross revenue, they have really thin profit margins, whereas Google and even eBay have much better profit margins. So I think there is probably a little bit of business jealousy at work here, and rightly so. Amazon realizes that if they want to compete as a major Internet destination, not just an ecommerce site, they need to capture a larger chunk of the online advertising revenue. It’s kinda funny, 5 years ago people were speaking about the death of online advertising, and now its huge.

So anyways, if they go through with this, then once MSN’s AdCenter program is launched, and Yahoo’s Publisher Network goes out of beta, that’ll give us publishers 4 choices in this area and choice is never a bad thing.

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Don Singleton said...

That is why I posted this, since I knew a number of other bloggers read mine, and some of them might have a need for it