Monday, February 06, 2006

Dutch Islamists post cartoons

Haaretz reported
Dutch Islamists post cartoons depicting Anne Frank, Hitler in bed. A Belgian-Dutch Islamic political organization posted anti-Jewish cartoons on its Web site in response to the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed that appeared in Danish papers last year and offended many Muslims. The cartoons were posted on the Arab European League's site on Saturday. It was not working Sunday morning because of exceeded bandwidth. The Islamic site carried a disclaimer saying the images were being shown as part of an exercise in free speech rather than to endorse their content - just as European newspapers have reprinted the Danish cartoons.

And you will NOT see Jews rioting in the streets, and no embassies from Islamic countries will be burned. Will the Muslims see the difference?
One of the AEL cartoons displayed an image of Dutch Holocaust victim Anne Frank in bed with Adolf Hitler, and another questioned whether the Holocaust actually occurred.

Michelle Malkin blogged Um, hello? Arab newspapers run this kind of sick propaganda all the time. And nobody riots. Nobody burns down Arab nations' embassies. Nobody threatens to behead and massacre and annihilate the Muslim cartoonists.

Thanks for making the point.

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