Sunday, May 01, 2005

WB to Scale Back Toon Designs

On April 4 I blogged that a Tulsa boy, Thomas Adams, is taking his dislike of plans by Warner Brothers for a new cartoon series called "Loonatics" to the Internet and has found thousands of people who agree with him.

Matthew Sheffield reported that he had an effect.

CNN reports Now, nearly two months after starting an Internet petition drive against the TV series' fall debut, Thomas has gotten the company's attention.

Warner Bros. Entertainment spokesman Scott Rowe said his company wants the thousands of fans upset by the made-over characters unveiled in February to know "that's NOT all, folks." (Warner Bros. is a division of Time Warner, as is CNN.)

Those "early drawings" have been revised into characters that are softer and less menacing, he said.

"We heard the outcry from fans, including Thomas," Rowe said.

That's enough to draw an emphatic "YESSS!" from the lanky fifth-grader who started the stir with fewer than 20 signatures on a piece of paper at his private school.

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