Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Happy 2nd Anniversary

TulsaTopics blogged Happy 2nd Anniversary To Batesline.com

I'd like to wish Michael Bates over at Batesline.com a Happy 2nd Anniversary on his blog. Michael's blog is a wealth of information about Tulsa issues and a great alternative news source.... After learning about blogs via Batesline, I decided that something similar would be good as a "newsblog" for LCNA website, lewiscrest.org. The lewiscrest.org "newsblog" was born on September 06, 2003. Since that time, I have installed "newsblogs" at the Homeowners For Fair Zoning (HFFZ.org) website and the Tulsans For Election Integrity (TFEI.org) website. I'm sure I would eventually stumbled on to the blog craze, but Michael and Batesline.com greatly expedited the process. I eventually decided to start my own blog so I could air my two cents worth on issues, or tell you about something neato that I've found on the net.

So congrats Batesline for two years of service to Tulsans!

I also want to wish Michael a Happy 2nd Anniversary

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