Wednesday, April 06, 2005


CNET Networks acquired Windup Labs, the creators of HeyPix!. Basically, in a nutshell, HeyPix! is becoming part of the CNET Networks family and more specifically, part of Webshots and its 20 million member photo sharing community.

Microsoft Geek Blogger said This might just be a bigger photo deal than Flickr going to Yahoo. Here's why.

It's joining Webshots. Now, don't know about Webshots? I didn't either until recently. But Webshots has 23 million members (Flickr has less than a million). and they get 750,000 uploads a day. More uploads in five days than Flickr has had in all of its existence. And HeyPix's team is going to add on some killer new technology to Webshots, James [James Park, president of Windup Labs] tells me. (He showed me his app at a geek dinner earlier in the year and we've kept in touch since then).

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