Thursday, July 05, 2007

Insanity from the UK

This Is Aberdeen reported Communities Secretary Hazel Blears said the incidents this week should not prompt revenge attacks on Britain's Muslim community.
I agree, but they should certainly be scrutinized.
"These terrorists don't care who their victims are. They can come from any background, any race, any faith," she said.
Including Church of England????
She said Muslim leaders had told her they wanted to stand up against terrorism.
Tell them to go ahead.
"Islam is a religion that is about peace, tolerance and justice," she added.
And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.


Anonymous said...

You're a retard. If you don't know anything about these topics, don't write a blog. Your responses to these quotes aren't witty, they aren't clever, they aren't illuminating and they certainly aren't thought-provoking. If you don't know how to write, then don't. If you don't know what you're writing about, don't pretend you do. You aren't fooling anyone. If you want to be in the spotlight doing something you have talent for, go sing kareoke.

Don Singleton said...

And if you had any of the skills you say I do not have, you would have your own blog, and not have to comment anonymously on other's blogs