Thursday, July 05, 2007

Don't "play" with Islamic law

Iran Focus reported Activists should not try to change Islamic laws relating to women's rights, Iran's supreme leader said on Wednesday, two days after one campaigner was reportedly sentenced to 34 months in jail and ten lashes.
That is one way to deal with lobbyist. I wonder if we could do it Washington.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, also lambasted the West for using women as a tool to advertise products, make money and to satisfy "disorderly and unlawful sexual needs," state television said.
Is it ok to use them for orderly and lawful sexual needs, and if so what are they?
He was addressing a group of women, most dressed conservatively in head-to-toe black chadors, in Tehran ahead of Thursday's anniversary of the birth of Prophet Mohammad's daughter, Fatima, when Iran honors mothers and women. Campaigners say Iranian women face difficulties in getting a divorce and criticize inheritance laws they say are unjust and the fact their court testimony is worth half that of a man's. The Islamic Republic rejects allegations it is discriminating against women, saying it follows sharia law.
OK, then sharia law discriminates against women.
"We are witnessing in our country that some women activists and some men are trying to play with Islamic laws
How does one "play with a law." Is it a board game, or do you do it on a playing field?
... in order to harmonize them with international conventions related to women," Khamenei said. "This is wrong."

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