Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Other Iraq

Michael J. Totten blogged If I could distill everything I heard, saw, and learned in the Kurdistan region of Iraq into a 12-minute video, it would look a lot like this

It is a very interesting clip, and I urge all to watch it. The only problem is that it will shrink your browser window to the size of the clip, but you can maximize it when finished.
Click that link. Watch. This is marvelous work from 60 Minutes, some of the best mainstream media journalism I have seen out of the Middle East, the absolute antithesis of Diane Sawyer's useless interview with Syria's Bashar Assad last week.
I guess with NBC's rapid push from Left Leaning to extreme left, CBS decided it was time for a little objective news reporting.
I only caught one factual error. The Iraqi flag is not banned in Kurdistan. It still flies in the city of Suleimania, but it's the old version of the flag before Saddam Hussein wrote Allahu Akbar on it. 60 Minutes has done truly excellent work capturing the essence of this lovely place and these wonderful people and editing it all down into such a brief and comprehensive introduction.

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